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:''This article is about the Final Destination in its Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS form. For other uses, see the disambiguation page, [[Final Destination]].''
{{Infobox Stage
|location = ''[[Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U]]''
|name = Final Destination
|image = {{#tag:tabber|
Wii U=[[File:WiiU_SuperSmashBros_Stage10_Screen_02.jpg|300px]]
{{!}}-{{!}}3DS=[[File:SSB4-Final Destination Select Screen 001.png|300px]]
|caption = [[File:SmashBrosSymbol.svg|50px]]
|universe = ''[[Super Smash Bros. (universe)|Super Smash Bros.]]''
|games = ''[[Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U]]''
|hometo = TBA
|availability = [[Starter]]
|cratetype = Normal
'''Final Destination''' is a returning stage from the [[Super Smash Bros. (universe)|''Super Smash Bros.'']] series. It is a special flat stage without any hazards of any kind. It will be the only stage playable in For Glory. The stage travels from Earth, above an ocean, to space where on the background the Earth and the Sun can be seen almost touching each other.
The design of the stage is similar to previous versions. The difference is that the stage is split in two parts, one blue calm part and one red lava part. Out of the bottom of the blue part are blue crystals while on the lava part there are strings filled with lava coming out of the bottom. However, this has no effect during gameplay.
WiiU SuperSmashBros Stage10 Screen 01.jpg|Beginning of the stage
Final Destination.jpg|Final Destination(Wii U) compared to its predecessors
File:SSB4-Final Destination Select Screen 001.png|3DS Stage Select image
File:SSB4-Final Destination Select Screen 002.png|Japanese 3DS Stage Select screen
*Now in the [[For Glory]] online game mode, almost all stages have the option to to become [[Flat stages|flat]], in which all stage hazards are removed, and the stage terrain is flat, just like in Final Destination.
*The primary version of the Final Destination stage could be a reference to Namco's [[w:c:soulcalibur:Soul series|''Soul Calibur'']] series. The blue crystals on one side and the red tendrils on the other side are possibly the references of the legendary weapons [[w:c:soulcalibur:Soul Calibur|Soul Calibur]] and [[w:c:soulcalibur:Soul Edge|Soul Edge]]. That reference is highly possible, as Namco is helping with the development of ''SSB4''.
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