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Final Destination (also known as Master Hand's Residence) is a stage exclusive to the 1P Game of Super Smash Bros. This stage was featured as the last level of 1P Mode, where the player fought Master Hand. Like its successor in Melee, Brawl, SSB4 and SSBU, this stage is completely flat.


The platform's central design is similar to a worn-down Aztec calendar. The background of the stage changes depending on Master Hand's HP. When the fight begins, the background appears to be in space. After Master Hand has 210 HP, the background is covered in purple fog. After Master Hand reaches 100 HP, the background changes to a big, swirling vortex. When Master Hand's HP is 30, the vortex swirls faster, and when he's defeated, the screen goes blank white.


The player would be transported to this stage after defeating the Fighting Polygon Team in the single player mode. It is not usable in Vs. Mode, though it can be accessed with cheating devices. One needs to enable the code that makes this stage the only one available in 1P Game, as the game will freeze if it is accessed normally through the debug menu.


The name "Final Destination" is reverse-applied to this stage, as redesigns of this stage in both Melee and Brawl share that name. In Japan, this stage was called 終点 (Shūten, lit. "Final Point"), the same as Final Destination's name in Japanese.



  • This is the only Final Destination that isn’t playable in VS mode and isn’t named in game.

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