Sonic and Mario fighting a team of Alloys.

The Fighting Alloy Team (謎のザコ敵軍団, Nazo no Zako Tekigun Dan, also known as the Mysterious Small Fry Enemy Army Group) is a group of non-playable enemies found in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Multi-Man Brawl. They fulfill the same role as Melee's Fighting Wire Frames and SSB's Fighting Polygon Team. Unlike their predecessors, they do not appear in Classic Mode, only in Multi-Man Brawl. [1]

The actual definition of an alloy is: A metal made by combining two or more metallic elements, esp. to give greater strength or resistance to corrosion.[2]


Alloys are shiny, robot-like figures with cavities where their faces would otherwise be, and white spheres attached to their limbs and within their facial cavities. There are four types of Alloys, each with its own body shape, color, and cloned moveset:

  • Red: a masculine body; Captain Falcon's moveset; two jumps.
  • Blue: a feminine body; Zelda's & Zero Suit Samus moveset; two jumps.
  • Yellow: a short, stocky body with a large, horned head; Mario's moveset; two jumps.
  • Green: a very large, crested head with no body or legs, large feet and tiny arms; Kirby's moveset, with some moves borrowed from Jigglypuff; five jumps.

The Red Alloy The Blue Alloy The Yellow Alloy The Green Alloy


While the Fighting Alloys possess the animations and standard attacks of playable characters, they are not able to use any special moves. They can grab and be grabbed by players, but cannot grab and hang from edges like playable characters. They cannot pick up or hold items, but they can interact with items that do not require picking up. For example, they may hit Soccer Balls and gain invincibility from Starmen. Alloys cannot be inflicted with the flower ailment.

Trophy Information

Red Alloy

The Red Alloy Trophy

A member of the Fighting Alloys. This one's sporting a red body. Built like an everyday hero, he fights like one too. Typically, when groups are divided into colors, red tends to serve a leadership role. Although this does not necessarily apply to the Alloys, the Red Alloy somehow feels the need to step it up.

Blue Alloy

The Blue Alloy Trophy

A beautiful, cobalt blue member of the Alloys. This dainty female-form Alloy relies on a less rough-and-tumble style of fighting. The core at the center of her body provides power for the whole group of Alloys and plays a key role in holding body parts together. However, this is not necessarily a weak point, and attacking this core will not result in greater damage.

Yellow Alloy

The Yellow Alloy Trophy

A member of the Alloys who stands out from the bunch with a sharp yellow body and horns. He moves like Mario but is bigger and has a longer reach. He can't, however, use items or special moves. Also remember that he is not controlled by a human player, so this is your big chance--show him who's boss!

Green Alloy

The Green Alloy Trophy

The guy who clearly has the biggest head of all the Alloys. In fact, he's all head! When you face him in the 100-Man Brawl, he'll come at you in a group with other Alloys. While kicking around herds of these bad boys can be good fun, the highest-difficulty Brawl challenge is brutal--the Green Alloys will come at you like merciless demons!


It is possible for humans to play as the Alloys through the use of special hacks. The following applies when playing as an Alloy:

  • Attempting to use a Final Smash will freeze the Alloy in a regular pose until it is hit by something.
  • In matches that end with a victory screen, the game freezes when the match finishes due to the Alloys not having appropriate animations for it. This can be avoided with Ocarina codes.
    • The Alloys' losing animation is the sitting pose that occurs after a pratfall, and their victory pose is their idle pose.
  • Saving a replay will cause the game to freeze when loading the replay section of the vault. This will occur until vault data is cleared.
  • The game may freeze if a player attempts to use a special move or taunt, since Alloys do not have any.
  • Through the hacking system BrawlBox, players are able to replace the Red Alloy's model with that of Waluigi, smoothing out his animations and giving him original animations, also to a lesser extent making him playable. For more on this subject, see Waluigi's page.
    • Players also can replace the Yellow Alloy's model with Knuckle Joe, in a same way they did to Waluigi
  • When at the result screen, the announcer says the resembling character instead of the alloy's name. See the picture of yellow alloy with the Mario emblem. But if the hack is done on Dolphin emulator, the victory screen will show the Super Smash Bros. emblem and the announcer will say "The winner is Fighting Alloy Team.", and the winner text will show the game ID.
  • It is common for hackers to replace Alloys with other characters, as they have a low amount of bones and don't make any usual character unplayable.



  2. Apple computer dictionary v1.0.2 - Oxford American Dictionaries


  • The Yellow Alloy's appearance is very similar to Geolytes from Meteos, another one of Masahiro Sakurai's games.
  • The Red Alloy's description could be a reference to Transformers, and the Power Rangers series where Optimus Prime (mostly red) and the Red Power Ranger was usually the leader, and Voltron, where the red was second in command, another reference to "the need to step up".
  • The "Fighting Alloy Team" yell from the announcer is an unused clip, its existance is possibly much like how the Fighting Wire Frames were to also appear in Classic mode.
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