Feyesh (パッチ Pacchi) is an enemy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl's Subspace Emissary mode and first appears in the Sea of Clouds level. It appears slightly fish-like, with a giant cyclops eye taking up most of its body. It also appears to have five tentacles underneath its body. It attacks with electric stings from its tentacles. The damage and knockback accrued depend on the difficulty level and the number of tentacles that hit. It can fly normally, but when it spots the player, it will dash towards him. Ironically, a Feyesh will die if it touches water in any Subspace stage, despite its species.

Name origin

Feyesh's name is the word fish with the word eye included in place of the letter i, a reference to how eye is pronounced like the said vowel and being that the fish have a very large, single eye. It can also be interpreted as the joke where "a fish without eyes is just a 'fsh' "

Trophy Description

Feyesh Trophy.jpg

An enemy that, at first glance, looks like a goldfish, with a tail and dorsal fin. It turns out to be more crazy-eye-creature than fish. (And what's with the funky dangling tentacle thingies?) Floating lazily through the air, a Feyesh usually looks like it's sleeping. BUT! When it spots you, its eye opens, and it attacks with its five tentacles. Gaahh! Attack of the Tentacles!


  • The Feyesh's design of being a flying eye creature has been reimaged several times over the years in multiple games - the Mogall and Arch Mogalls from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, the Monoeyes from Kid Icarus, the Patra from The Legend of Zelda and Waddle Doos from Kirby.
  • Ironically, Feyesh will vanish (by turning into bubbles) when they make contact with water, despite being fish creatures. They also have a unique drowning animation as opposed to most other enemies, who simply fall through to the bottom blast line.

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