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The Fast fall-Air attack is an offensive technique often used in tournaments. It can be used to apply air attacks to grounded opponents, or as a Wall of Pain. It is useful for characters that have slow, powerful, long ranged aerials like Ike and can otherwise be used to block or deflect approaches.


As any character with a long lasting aerial, use it at the peak of your jump, and quickly fast fall. This should create the effect of the aerial slashing downward, and the attacker will hit any enemy below them.

Characters That Can Use This

(Tested in brawl. To be updated)

Mario: Nair, Fair (timing needed)

Luigi: Nair

Peach: Fair, Dair

Bowser: Nair, Dair

Donkey Kong: Nair, Fair

Diddy Kong: Nair, Dair (timing needed)

Yoshi: Nair, Dair, Fair (timing needed), Bair

Wario: Fair, Nair, Dair

Link: Fair, Nair, Bair (timing needed), Uair, Dair

Zelda: Dair

Sheik: Nair, Bair, Dair

Ganondorf: Nair (timing needed), Dair, Fair, Bair, Fair

Toon Link: Dair, Fair, Nair, Bair (timing needed), Uair

Samus: Dair, Nair, Fair, Uair

Pit: Nair, Fair, Dair, Bair, Uair

Ice Climbers: Nair, Dair (timing needed), Bair, Dair, Uair

ROB: Dair, Fair, Nair, Uair

Kirby: Nair, Fair, Dair (timing needed), Uair, Bair

Meta Knight: Nair, Fair, Bair, Dair

King Dedede: Nair, Uair, Fair, Dair, Bair

Olimar: Nair, Bair, Dair, Fair (timing needed), Uair

Fox: Nair, Fair, Bair, Dair, Uair (timing needed)

Falco: Fair (only does 2%), Bair, Dair, Nair

Wolf: Nair, Fair (timing needed), Dair, Bair

Captain Falcon: Bair, Nair (timing needed), Fair (sweetspots), Uair, Dair

Pikachu: Nair, Dair, Fair, Bair

Squirtle: Nair, Fair, Bair, Dair

Charizard: Fair, Nair, Dair, Bair, Uair

Ivysaur: Nair, Fair (timing needed), Bair, Dair (timing needed)

Lucario: Nair, Dair (timing needed), Fair, Bair (timing needed), Uair (timing needed)

Jigglypuff: jumps at ground level, so all of her air attacks hit.

Marth: Fair (timing needed), Nair, Dair, Bair, Uair (timing needed)

Ike: Dair, Fair, Nair, Uair (timing needed)

Ness: Fair, Nair, Bair (sweetspots), Dair, Uair (timing needed)

Lucas: Bair (timing needed), Fair (timing needed), Nair, Dair, Uair

Mr. Game and Watch: Nair, Fair, Bair, Uair, Dair

Snake: Fair, (timing needed), Nair, Dair, Uair, Bair

Sonic: Nair, Dair, Fair, Bair