Failnaught is Byleth's Neutral Special Move. Byleth uses his bow called Failnaught to fire an arrow, with its damage and knockback dependant on how long the player charges this move.


This move, when used with no charge, launches an arrow with little distance, deals little damage, and deals little knockback. If the player holds the button longer, Byleth will charge the arrow, increasing its range, damage, and knockback. However, if the player decides to charge this move, Byleth cannot release it midcharge. However, charging can be cancelled with a shield, which can provide Byleth with numerous amounts of baits and mixups.

If the player decides to charge Failnaught further still, the move will go into its second form. Streaks of light will shine from Byleth's before an arrow that looks like a beam of light is released. The arrow will have massive range, and if it manages to hit, the opponents caught in it will receive extremely high damage and knockback. Because of its second form, Failnaught could even be a OHKO. However, unlike its first form, Failnaught's second form has significantly more startup and cannot be cancelled with a shield. This means that using the second form will make Byleth susceptible to attacks, grabs, shields, and reflectors.

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