Announced at E3 2001, The F-Zero Racers are the 30 racing machines featured in the 1998 futuristic N64 racing game F-Zero X, and they all make appearances together in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Appearances in Super Smash Bros. Melee

The F-Zero Racers appear together in several instances of the game's environments. In addition, they appear on some of the game's trophies, and Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon and Samurai Goroh's Fire Stingray are seen in heated racing combat in the game's opening scene. Aside from that scene and some of the trophies, the machine's models are the original polygonal models used for the N64 racing game.

In Single-player

In the Adventure mode, stage 8 is the F-Zero Grand Prix, and the character must navigate the track and cross the finish line on foot while the 30 racers zoom along the cycling track. They can be visible in the background, and a warning appears to inform the player to take refuge on a nearby platform before the racers linearly charge through in the foreground. The character will receive massive damage (35%) and knockback if in the machines' way. A sped-up, more difficult version of this stage in which the player is Captain Falcon comprises Event 33: Lethal Marathon.


The racers appear on both F-Zero-themed stages that are selectable for multiplayer. In Mute City, the stage takes place on platforms that travel along the first track of F-Zero X, Mute City, and it lands onto the ground at set intervals. The 30 machines will race each other on the track in the meantime, and at times they will race through the battling area from the background while the platforms are landed on the track. Though the machines in this stage are depicted smaller than in other stages, characters will receive 10% damage and knockback from coming into contact with them nonetheless. These machines can be damaged and eventually become smoldering wrecks by their ramming each other along the track and if characters' attacks just so happen to connect with speeding racers passing by.

In Big Blue, one of the most unique stages in Melee, the battling takes place on larger versions of the F-Zero racers themselves as they speed along the track horizontally and the foreground and background pass by to the left very quickly. The randomly-selected assortment of machines will speed along at consistent speeds and function as disconnected platforms more or less, while other platforms and objects such as the Falcon Flyer will cruise along with the moving stage above the racers.


The F-Zero Racers make appearances on several of the game's trophies. One trophy in particular, "F-Zero Racers", showcases all thirty of the machines together. This trophy can only be collected by completing Adventure mode with all 25 playable characters.

F-Zero Racers
In the year 2560, an association of wealthy space merchants created the F-Zero Grand Prix in an attempt to add some excitement to their opulent lifestyles. The jet-powered racers have no tires, but use G-Diffuser systems to float a foot above the surface. Many believe the F-Zero championship is the highest claim to fame in the galaxy.
(F-Zero X, 10/98)

In addition, more detailed models of the Blue Falcon, White Cat, Golden Fox, and Fire Stingray appear alongside enlarged models of their respective pilots on the Classic Captain Falcon trophy, Jody Summer, Dr. Stewart, and Samurai Goroh, respectively.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

The racers appear at Port Town Aero Drive in Brawl as hazards far faster, more dangerous, and more powerful than they were in Melee.

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