Mute City is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Melee and is available from the start. It is Captain Falcon's home stage and you face him and his teammates here in All-Star mode.

The stage begins on the track at the starting point of the race. A sign will appear and say "GO!!!". Then a platform will come out from under your character. It will hover over the track. If you touch the track while the platform is hovering, you will take damage. You can tech on the track, but at the end of the tech, you will receive damage as usual. The platform will stop for a moment, then you can fight on the track again. This is a set pattern and will occur in the same way each time. The exception to this rule is the loop at the end of the track, where the platform will take off from the track altogether and fly through the air. Any player falling off the platform and unable to recover here will be KOd. The stage then touches back down on the track for the last time and reveals its last variation before going back to the finish line, where the stage loop is restarted.

The race cars are another level hazard, they drive around the track and will damage any player upon contact and send them upwards. The race cars can be damaged and even destroyed by hitting them with explosives, powerful attacks/items and immovable Pokémon.

The process will keep repeating itself, where the platform will rise up and take you to another part of the track to battle on. Towards the end of the track, the platform will hover over open space around the aforementioned loop, and any character falling into the space will be KOd. The platform will then arrive at the finish line again and the stage will start over.


Mute City is the first track in F-Zero and F-Zero X. The track layout is similar to the first Mute City in F-Zero X. Also, the roads look similar to those on F-Zero X (speed boosts, X's on track, etc). If one gets the F-Zero machines damaged, it explodes and crashes. Similarly, in F-Zero X, if a racer falls off the track, then they will explode and be retired (eliminated) from the race.


  • In the "Special Video" during Pikachu's scene (when it uses its Down B), one of the "stops" of the stage is shown with two spinning platforms, when in every mode there is only one platform, and it moves laterally. These two platforms do appear in the trophy of Mute City (under the main platform, inside the track).
  • Players can actually stand on top of the "GO!" sign at the beginning of the track; because the first area is ahead of the sign, though, the player only spends a fraction of a second on it.
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