This article is about the first game in the F-Zero series. For the universe known as F-Zero, see F-Zero (universe).

F-Zero (エフゼロ, F-Zero) is a futuristic racing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the first game in the F-Zero series.

This game appears as a Masterpiece in both Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In Brawl, it can be played for 40 seconds and starts in the Mute City track with the Blue Falcon. It must be unlocked by having Captain Falcon join the party in Adventure Mode: The Subspace Emissary, or in other words, beating the "Outside the Ancient Ruins" level. In Smash Wii U, it can be played for 180 seconds and starts the same way as in Brawl. However, it is available from the start.

In the Super Smash Bros. series


Screenshot of the Masterpiece in Brawl.


Captain Falcon debuted in this game as one of the four playable characters. While he isn't fully seen in-game, the Blue Falcon is piloted by him. However, he is seen in the game's artwork.


Captain Falcon's Final Smash is the Blue Falcon. The Blue Falcon is Captain Falcon's vehicle and debuted in this game alongside him.


Mute City (SSBM), Big Blue and Mute City (SSB3DS) come from this game. Both versions of the Mute City stage are based on the track of the same name, which is the first track in this game. The SSB4 version looks like the actual game, using the original sprites. Big Blue is the second track.

Assist Trophies

Samurai Goroh debuted in this game. He isn't seen in-game, though he pilots the Fire Stingray.


"Mute City (Melee)", "Big Blue", "Mute City Ver. 2", "Fire Field", "White Land", "Mute City Ver. 3", "Mute City (3DS)" and "Red Canyon" come from this game. All of the tracks with "Mute City" in their titles are remixes of the song that plays on the similarly-named stage, except for "Mute City 3DS)", which is taken directly from the game. "Big Blue" is a remix of the song that plays on the Big Blue track. "Fire Field" is a remix of the song that plays on the Fire Field track. "White Land" is a remix of the song that plays on the White Land track. "Red Canyon" is the song that plays on the Red Canyon track, taken directly from this game.

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