Event Match 8: Hote Date on Brinstar is the eighth event of the 51 Event Matches in the Event Mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee. In this event, you can choose any character. You have 3 stock and start with 102% damage, While Samus has 130%. When you reappear after losing a stock, you still have 102% damage, and likewise, Samus will return with 130%. This is one of the two events where you fight on Brinstar. The other is the first match in Event Match 20: All-star match 2


Any Character

Just smash her with strong attacks. Smash attacks, Captain Falcon's Knee Smash (Forward A in Air), and Ganondorf's Gerudo Dragon (Forward B) are good attacks to use. Rest (Jigglypuff) is also a good option.

Fox or Pikachu

Simply use up-Smash until you win.


A direct hit from a Down B attack should knock Samus out.

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