This Event Match gives you a choice of any character. You'll have 3 stock, and your opponents, Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo also have 3 stock. You play on Final Destination, which you unlock after clearing this. To get this Event Match, clear the first 50 events.



Damage Giga Bowser a little bit, then jump into him and KO him with Rest (Down B). Do that 2 more times, and then try and do the same to Ganondorf and Mewtwo. You can also trying flying around waiting for good items to show up, though Resting is quicker.


Use your floating skill and parasol to float over their heads waiting for any good items to appear.


Go to the edge of the stage and start using the blaster (B) on them to weaken them. When they get near you, Fire Fox/Bird (Up B) or Fox Illusion/Falco Phantasm (Left/Right B) over to the other edge and reapeat. Continue this. Once they're at a considerable damage percentage, attack them with a smash attack.
With Fox, it's beest to get Giga Bowser out of thw way first, because then all you have to do is keep firing your laser at Mewtwo and Ganondorf until they are around 80-90%, and then finish them off with an up-smash. this is really easy because they'll keep putting their shields up. your blaster will eventually break them, thus enabling you to come in with a charged Smash attack. (Fox's Up-smash is the 2nd most powerful in the game, with only Pikachu's being stronger.)

Fox/Falco 2

Fire Fox/Bird (Up B) all over the place, using it to dodge and recover. It's possible to do a run with no stock loss like this.


After beating this event, you will unlock Final Destination as a playable VS. mode stage. You will also unlock sound test.

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