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|stage = [[Special Stages: Final Destination|Final Destination]]
|stage = [[Special Stages: Final Destination|Final Destination]]
|availability = Unlockable
|availability = Unlockable
|world record = 00:00.05<ref></ref>
|world record = 00:05.43<ref></ref>

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Event 51: The Showdown is the final Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Melee. This Event Match gives the player a choice to play as any playable character before the match, like most event matches. The match is a 3 stock match, and there are 3 opponents, Giga Bowser, Ganondorf, and Mewtwo It takes place on Final Destination, which is unlocked after clearing this. To get this Event Match, clear the first 50 events.



Damage Giga Bowser, then jump into him and use Rest to KO him. Repeat twice more, then try it the same technique on Ganondorf and Mewtwo. It is possible to try to fly around waiting for good items to show up, though Resting is quicker. Since Ganondorf heavily overuses his Dark Dive, Rest can be used on him if his landing point is coordinated. However, if the Rest move were to miss, Jigglypuff would simply fall asleep, leaving her vulnerable to attack.

Jigglypuff 2

Use Rest on Giga Bowser repeatedly to knock him off. After Giga is done, float over the edge of the stage until Ganon leaps off with Dark Dive, then air-dodge back, and he'll fall to his death. Finally, Mewtwo rarely blocks Rollout, so just hammer him with that and he'll go.


Use her floating skill and parasol to float over their heads, waiting for any good items to appear. Float over Giga Bowser and use her Down A. Once she hits the ground, use Peach's Parasol. This will get Giga Bowser to about 20% damage. Repeat this method and juggle Giga Bowser with Peach Parasol and use her Smash A to KO him or deal more damage. If he's not stunned from the attack, he might try to use Bowser Bomb. While Giga Bowser is in the air, push Ganondorf and Mewtwo. Repeat this and if they get high enough, use her Smash Up+A. If Giga Bowser didn't die from her Smash A, just go airborne again and this time use Side A to hit him with her crown. This should KO him if his percentage is high enough. Also, after using the parasol on Giga Bowser, use her Smash Down A and this should do a lot of damage and also get Ganondorf and Mewtwo in it. After Giga Bowser is gone, attack Ganondorf and Mewtwo. Be crafty, especially around Ganondorf because his attacks could send Peach flying especially when she has high percentage.


Go to the edge of the stage and start using the blaster (B) on them to weaken them. When they get near, use Fire Fox/Fire Bird or Fox Illusion/Falco Phantasm over to the other edge and repeat. Once they're at a considerable damage percentage, KO them with a smash attack.

With Fox, it's best to get Giga Bowser out of the way first. After that, all Fox has to do is shoot his laser at Mewtwo and Ganondorf until they are around 80-90% damage, and then finish them off with an up-smash. This is simple because they'll keep putting their shields up. The blaster will eventually break the shields, thus enabling Fox to come in with a charged Smash attack.

Fox/Falco 2

Fire Fox/Falco all over the place, using it to dodge and recover. It's possible to do a run with no stock loss like this.


Continuously walk off the stage and use Super Jump Punch to edge hog. Mewtwo and Giga Bowser self destruct while attempting to attack. Ganondorf is a bit harder, but he eventually will self destruct. Repeat until all computer stock is gone.


Spam Zelda's dash attack on Mewtwo, while using Zelda's forward smash on Giga Bowser. Giga Bowser's frame is so large that he cannot escape it. If knocked off stage, return with a neutral air, not a forward air. If the Fair is slightly off, it will be costly. A Nair is helpful because due to Giga Bowser's large frame, he can not escape it. It racks up damage quickly. Zelda's Teleport is a great thing to help when under attack. The first hit of the move will send opponents upwards, giving time to escape away safely. Once their damages are high, try a SH Fair, Dsmash or Fsmash.

Captain Falcon

Run to an edge and wait for your opponents to approach. When they get close, jump towards the opposite edge while attacking Giga Bowser with an F-Air attack. Repeat until Giga Bowser is KO'd and deal with Mewtwo and Ganondorf however you like.


1. Use PK Fire (forward+B)until all three computer's damage is significant for a KO repeat 2. Using Ness's aerial back A hit Giga bowser until he is KOed. Then Attack gannondorf using PK Flash. Fight Mewtwo as normal

How to KO Easily

Dealing with Mewtwo

When at the start of the battle, try to stall for a few seconds, letting Ganondorf walk towards where the player is. Then head left and just off the edge to let the enemies walk to the edge. Stall them by keep not being on ground (Use Kirby or Jigglypuff for best results) and Mewtwo should charge a Shadow Ball when the player is far from the edge. Giga Bowser and Ganondorf should push Mewtwo off while he charging and he will be KO'd. Mewtwo must be close to the edge for this to work. Repeat this process three times to defeat Mewtwo.

Dealing with Ganondorf

Hang at the edge and keep hanging on. If Ganondorf comes close to the edge, jump high and Ganondorf will likely try a Dark Dive. If he misses, he will become helpless and self destruct.

Dealing with Giga Bowser

Go to the edge at the beginning. Giga Bowser might use a Bowser Bomb. Shield with the Z button so Giga Bowser slides off the edge for a self destruct. He can also get pushed off the edge while attacking.


After beating this event, Final Destination is unlocked as a playable VS. mode stage. A special message is awarded if the the event is cleared without losing a life.


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