Event match 4: Dino-Wrangling (いちおう恐竜だし?) is the fourth of the 51 event matches in the event mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is a stock match without a time limit between the player's character and one single, gigantic Yoshi in the Yoshi's Island: Yoshi's Story stage.


After selecting Event 4 from the event mode menu and selecting the character, the match begins with the player fighting a super-sized Yoshi on the Yoshi's Story stage. The player's character has 3 stocks and Yoshi has one stock. The objective of the match is to KO Yoshi in no particular time limit.

This event match is notable because the player has multiple chances to KO what should be a far stronger and harder-to-KO opponent than themself. The increased size of Yoshi is a double-edged sword to him, however; while giant opponents in general pack more punch and take more damage, Yoshi will be made extremely easy to hit with many types of attacks, and due to both the increased dimensions of Yoshi and his movements, his erratic AI, and the small size of the stage, he may occasionally jump/slide right out of the arena to his doom. Skilled players should be able to KO Giant Yoshi without losing a life. Lucky players should keep resetting until Giant Yoshi simply walks off the stage in under a second.


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