Event Match 47: Trophy Tussle 3 is an Event Match available in Event Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee. In this Event Match, the player chooses a character. You have 2 stock and 3 random enemies also have 2 stock. It's a 3 minute free-for-all, meaning foes and attack each other, though they usually follow you. The stage is Majora's Mask, which you get a trophy of after clearing the stage.


Any Character

Hop onto the edge, then drop of the ledge and get back on. Do this repeatedly and the foes might try and fall off to attack you.

Captain Falcon/Ganondorf

Go into the middle area and use Falcon Kick/Wizard's Foot (Down B) repeatedly.


Go in the middle area and use Rest (Down B) repeatedly.


Go to the side spikes and shine spike them.


Go into the middle area and use Stone (Down B) repeatedly

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