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The FINAL Final Battle is the forty first and final event match in Brawl. In this final event match, The player is pitted against Snake, Sonic, and Giant Mario. The player must knock out all three of these foes to win this event match. The foes will team up on the player's character and cannot harm each other in this event. The event pays slight homage to Melee's final event, Event 51: The Showdown, seeing as the player is given to face two characters and one sized/overpowered version of the third one on Final Destination.


Use projectiles to build up damage, then KO one of the characters with a smash attack. Giant Mario should be KO first as he causes the most trouble. Kirby can get some quick KO's using down-b. Another strategy is to spam Shuttle Loops, edgehogs, and forward airs with Meta Knight, and to use forward air and forward smash a lot with Marth. Ike is another big choice for this event, his strength can easily take them out and countering Mario's smash attacks are usually OHKO. Both Marth and Ike's counters help a lot in this battle. With three enemies against you, spamming down B isn't exactly frowned upon. Another strategy is to stay in the middle of the stage so you won't be KO'd so easily. If you choose mid-air combat be careful, Giant Mario's aerials can kill at low percents. Bowser might be a nice choice due to his strong attack power and weight.Lucas can use PK Thunder 2 as racking up damage AND KOing. After Giant Mario, your main adversary is Snake as he is more likely to KO you than Sonic.

Be careful of C4 and landmines, even after Snake is KO'd you will still have to watch for the explosions. Sonic's speed and quick attacks are annoying but he will rarely KO you, but be careful as he sets you up for Mario's smash attacks while building damage. Mario normally just uses forward smash, forward tilt and aerial attacks, he will even aim them down or up so don't think you can evade his range, throwing him off the edge then edge-hogging can lead to early KO's or simply air dodge when you're off the stage, Giant Mario is most likely to Meteor Smash you with his F-Air, but he'll usually SD when this happens.

Another strategy is to keep using judgement on Mario until you get a 9, then focus on Snake and Sonic.


Zelda is also a good choice for this match, as her f-air is easily sweet-spotted on the Giant Mario. This functions very much like Jigglypuff's rest does in Melee's event 51, with the added bonus of not making Zelda vulnerable afterwards. Once Giant Mario is dispatched, focus on Snake. His height makes him susceptible to Zelda's f-air as well, but it is harder to hit. Other moves that work quite well on Snake are Zelda's dash attack and up-tilt. Sonic is the hardest match up for Zelda, and switching to Sheik can help diminish Sonic's speed advantage. However, if the player stays as Zelda, make good use of her down smash, as it comes out incredibly fast and has high priority. This, along with Nayru's Love can stop Sonic from rushing you with constant speed attacks. The AI is very poor at dodging Din's Fire, so once Sonic has been knocked far enough off stage, he can be finished with a few well place shots.


With Mario there is an easy way to complete this event. Just grab the ledge and do the Edge Cape-Cancel technique. Giant Mario eventually will self-destruct. After he's out, the other two should be easy to knock out. Sometimes Snake will also fall to his death with this. If someone attacks you while you are performing this technique, use a Super Jump Punch to grab the edge and continue. This can take some time but it is possible to pass this event without losing a stock using this strategy.


Lucas is exceptionally well in this battle. Using his down strike as well as his PK Thunder repeatedly on himself will allow him to defeat all 3 fighters at once. This method can even defeat Giant Mario real easy, leaving Snake and Sonic to do as you see fit.


Kirby is one of the easiest players with whom you can beat this event. Simply float off of the side of the platform and wait for Giant Mario to try his Meteor Smash (Fair) on you (it won't take long at all, especially not at your location). The overall lag of this move is enough to take him off the bottom of the screen. Once Mario's finished, you can simply treat the event like a 1v2.


At the start of the match, run LEFT off the stage and grab the ledge. Then repeat this process:

1. Drop off the ledge.

2. At just the right height, jump. Don't jump above the ledge, unless you want a KO from Giant Mario, but don't jump too low.

3. Right after you start the jump, use Thunder. This should hit any foes jumping down to meteor smash you to death. When the thunder touches you, you'll get a short boost in the air, helping with the last part.

4. Use Quick Attack to get back to the ledge.

5. Repeat.

Snake and Sonic can do almost nothing about this, as Thunder can even destroy Snake's Remote Missile, but Giant Mario's Cape can cause the thunder to hurt you. Don't worry, though, you can always Quick Attack back to the ledge. He will usually do this if he's in the air, so skip steps 2-3 if he's recovering. If you're lucky, Giant Mario will jump down, attempt to hit you, get hit by the thunder, and bounce off the underside of the stage to his death. After he's done for, this is a breeze.


At the start of the match run all the way to either the left or right side:

  1. Spam the Spin Charge to build quick damage
  2. Jump out of the Spin Charges and attack with Fair
  3. When damage is high jump out of the Spin Charge but this time attack with a Bair
  4. Repeat

Try and take Mario out first. Even though he is stronger at this size, he is also a lot easier to hit to wich is perfect for hitting him multiple times when you jump out of the Spin Charge. After you get Mario out of the way the match is a whole lot easier and you can defend your self from most of Snake's and Sonic's attacks. Try to do a dash attack when Snake approches you with a special because most of them lag for a short period of time. Trip him with a Dtilt then follow up with an up smash to rack up damage. Then finish him with foward smash,down smash, Dair, or Bair. Sonic's attacks are a little easier to deal with. If he does a Spin Charge or a Spin Dash counter it with a Spin Charge or Dash yourself. This will cancel both the attacks and is a great time to follow up with any of Sonic's tilts, throws, or his A button combo. Then take him out with another smash attack when he is at a high damage to end this event. Remember use anything at your disposal when fighting these three including the items on the ground.


  • Mario, Sonic, and Snake are the official mascots of Nintendo, Sega, and Konami respectively.
  • There are a number of possible explanations of why Mario is giant in this event:
    • to make the event more like the final event in Melee (with Mario taking the place of the enormous Giga Bowser);
    • to refer to the fact that Mario is the oldest among them (in terms of when they were created);
    • to represent the greater number of Nintendo characters present in the game;
    • to allude to Mario's mushroom-based size changes;
    • simply as a joke saying that Mario is superior to Snake or Sonic;
    • because Nintendo is considered the most famous of the video game making companies;
    • because Nintendo was the maker of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, so their official mascot should be the most prominent of the three.

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