Event match 3: Bomb-Fest (大爆発大会?) is the third of the 51 event matches in the event mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is a non-timed 1-man stock match against a team of Link and Samus on the Mushroom Kingdom: Princess Peach's Castle stage. As the name states, there is an emphasis on explosive items, explosive character moves, and explosive stage elements.


After selecting Event 3 from the event mode menu and selecting a character, the match begins. The object of the match is to KO both of them in no particular time limit.

This event match is notable because seemingly every explosive element in Melee is present and heavily used in the match: Bob-ombs, Motion Sensor Bombs, and Poké Balls that only release Electrode appear frequently as items. Link and Samus have bomb-like B-Down moves (Link's Bomb and Samus' Bomb) that are used liberally, and the stage itself has its traditional giant Banzai Bills regularly diving into the stage to create massive explosions.

Every now and then, both Samus and Link may use other attacks other than their Bomb attacks.


Beating this event match rewards the player with a Motion Sensor Bomb trophy.


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