Event 27: Cold Armor is one of the 51 events one can play in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In Cold Armor, the player is Samus and they must defeat 3 other Metal Samus's. The problem is that each of the Metal Samus's have two stocks each while the player has one. What makes it worse is that the player is on Brinstar Depths. Although the opponents are metal, they have a disadvantage. Metal characters weigh more and they fall faster. Their jumps also lose distance. All three Samus's won't attack the player at once. Try giving one metal Samus high damage, then knock her off the stage with a smash attack or a throw. When a Metal Samus is knocked off a stage, it will be hard for her to recover. Other Samus's who linger at the bottom might kill themselves.

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