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{{Event match
|number = 25
|character = [[Bowser]] (giant)
|description=Giant Bowser VS. Giant DK in a spectacular war of titans!
|stage = [[Fourside]]
|character= Giant [[Bowser]] (1)
|opponents = [[Donkey Kong]] (giant), [[Mario]] (tiny), [[Peach]] (tiny).
|allies=Tiny [[Peach]] (1), Tiny [[Mario]] (1)
|time limit =
|stock = You - 1. Mario - 1. Peach - 1. Donkey Kong - 2.
|enemies=Giant [[Donkey Kong]] (2)
|ally =}}
|availability=Clear 16 Event Matches
'''Event Match 25: Gargantuans''' is the twenty-fifth of the [[Event Matches]] in the [[Event mode]] of [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]]. In this match, your character is Giant [[Bowser]] and the enemy is [[Giant Donkey Kong]]. The object is to beat [[Donkey Kong]]. Tiny [[Mario]] and [[Peach]] won't be any help since they will be killed by Donkey Kong's first attack anyway. Since you are big, your recovery distance will decrease.
Don't worry about the tiny Mario and Peach. You do not need to KO them, although you or Donkey Kong will probably end up doing so by accident. Both you and DK are enormous. You will hardly fit on top of the buildings. Both of you will have a hard time recovering from falls, and you may accidentally fall between the buildings. It will take a lot of damage before you can successfully KO Donkey Kong.
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