Event Match 25: Gargantuans (ガルガンチュア?) is the twenty-fifth event match in the Event mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee, taking place on Fourside.


In this match, the player plays as Giant Bowser and the enemy is Giant Donkey Kong. The object is to defeat Giant Donkey Kong. Tiny Mario and Peach are also allies to Giant Bowser. Giant Bowser's recovery distance decreases, due to him being big. Donkey Kong sometimes self-destructs between the two buildings on the right of the stage.


  • During the battle, the song from Kongo Jungle plays.
  • In a way, this resembles the "what-if" situation of Godzilla (Giant Bowser) meeting up with King Kong (Giant Donkey Kong) and battling it out. Mario and Peach pose as the frightened citizens of the city. The event is also an homage to the movie in which both monsters fight, known as King Kong vs. Godzilla.
  • Tiny Mario and Peach had their voices removed.
  • Despite the fact that Mario and Peach are helping Bowser, they can still give him damage.
  • The match could be a nod to the game Rampage where one player controls a giant ape and the other controls a giant lizard and are both set in a city.
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