Event Match 1: Trouble King is the first of the 51 Event Matches in the Event mode of Super Smash Bros. Melee. It is more-or-less a straight-forward 2-stock match between the player's Mario and the computer-controlled Bowser with unlimited time on the Battlefield stage.

This is one of four event matches that take place on the Battlefield stage; the others are Event 36: Space Travelers (later on), Event 37: Legendary Pokemon, Event 44: Mewtwo Strikes!


After selecting Event 1 from the Event mode menu, the match automatically begins with you playing as Mario vs. Bowser on the Battlefield stage. You spawn on the center of the stage's lowest level while Bowser spawns above the topmost platform. Both Mario and Bowser have two lives in stock. The stage has an unlimited time for completion.

The object of the match is to KO bowser twice. Bowser is given an unimpressive AI, compelling him to attack sluggisly and occasionally, and is knocked back somewhat easily despite his weight.


This is not a tough Event match at all, so specific strategies for most players are not actually needed. Since it is an Event match, it can be played over and over again, and hardcore Smashers set completion time records for themselves by defeating Bowser's two lives as quickly as possible. Specific strategies may be applied here to minimize the completion time

The strategy used to achieve the World Record rating of 7.5 as noted above is as follows: As soon as possible, grab and forward throw Bowser off the edge and then jump out and hit him with a forward aerial meteor smash. Both Mario and Bowser should die. After respawning, either repeat the process or spike Bowser with the top of the Mario Tornado.

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