Wario Bros. (ワリオブラザーズ?) is an Event Match in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Wario must beat Mario and Luigi on the Mario Bros. stage.


While on the stage, the player will have to fight both brothers at the same time. They also must avoid 8-bit Shellcreepers that will walk around the stage. This is rather easy since the Shellcreepers have excellent knockback when thrown.


Clearing this event unlocks the stage Mario Bros. for use anytime.


This event match is inspired by a microgame in the first WarioWare game with the same name. However, Luigi only appeared on the "hard" version of the microgame. The first version has only Wario, the second adds Mario, and the third has both Mario and Luigi.


  • This event it is playable when unlocked regardless of whether or not Luigi has been unlocked; however, beating the event will not unlock Luigi.