Event 19: Peach's Peril
Name Peach's Peril
Character Mario (1)
Ally Peach (1)
Enemy Bowser (Infinite)
Arena Final Destination

Event Match 19: Peach's Peril is an Event Match within Event Mode in the game Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In Peach's Peril, the player controls Mario and has exactly one minute to prevent Peach from getting killed by Bowser. Peach will walk back and forth on Final Destination, and will not attack Bowser at all. The only thing she will do is use her up B move to get back on the stage. Since Bowser will mostly attack Peach, the player can use this to their advantage. Gather items on the stage to attack Bowser with, thus keeping him away fom Peach. The player is able to KO Bowser, but he will return to the stage. To win this event, Peach must survive for a whole minute. Peach can take quite a lot of damage before Bowser kills her, but beware when her percentage gets high.