Super Waterfall Climb (超滝のぼり?) is the 17th single-player event match in SSBB. It is somewhat similar to a previous event (King of the Mountain) in Melee.

As Zelda, the player must complete one full loop of Rumble Falls without being KO'd. While two sets of Ice Climbers serve as the opponents for this event, the stage itself proves to be the main obstacle; scrolling much faster than usual (more so on harder difficulty levels), making it far more difficult to survive. The final score (should the player survive to the end) is determined by number of KO's.

It is possible to transform into Sheik once the event begins. Sheik can move and jump much faster than Zelda can, making it easier to complete the event, but the lengthy transformation time makes it difficult to execute at higher difficulties.


  • The fact that the Ice Climbers are present may be a reference to the similar Icicle Mountain stage in Melee.