Name Bounty Hunters
Character Samus (1)
Ally Captain Falcon (1)
Enemy Bowser (1)
Arena Jungle Japes
World record 0.92 seconds

Event 17: Bounty Hunters is one of the 51 Event one can play in Super Smash Bros. Melee.

In Bounty Hunters, the battle is set in Jungle Japes; you are Samus and you must KO Bowser before Captain Falcon does. You can't damage Captain Falcon in this event, so concentrate on KOing Bowser. First off give Bowser enough damage to be knocked off the stage. Once he has high enough damage, use a smash attack to knock him out of the stage. But don't underestimate Captain Falcon though. He can actually kill Bowser quickly. Try to kill Bowser before he does. Side note: If Captain Falcon dies, he will not return to the stage. Use this as an advantage to finish Bowser off.

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