Event 16: Kirby's Air-raid (カービィのエアライド?) is one of the 51 Event Matches of the Event Mode in Super Smash Bros. Melee.


The player controls Kirby and must defeat a team of ten computer player Kirbys. The team of Kirbys do not attack the player; they just walk back and forth. The player, however, also cannot damage them with normal attacks. Instead, the player must use the Warp Star items that appear on the stage to KO them. There is a 38-second time limit for the player to KO every single Kirby.

It may be somewhat difficult to KO some of the Kirbys, especially if there are some that appear on the bottom platform of the Great Fox. A good strategy is to try and catch the large groups first, picking off any stragglers at the end.


  • The title may be a reference to the canceled Kirby racing game, Kirby's Air Ride.
  • During the battle, the theme for Green Greens plays, something that does not happen normally.
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