No Mere Sparring Match is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The player controls Little Mac, and must defeat 3 wire frame Little Macs. The player has 1 stock with 100% damage, while each opponent has 3-5 stocks each, depending on the difficulty selected. Additionally, knockback from all attacks is greatly boosted, which means that nearly any attack will lead to a KO if it hits. This is a rather hard event match, because Little Mac has high knockback in his attacks and that the player starts on a KOing percentage with only one stock, the player can easily lose within one strong attack from his or her opponent.


The event is unlocked by completing Bounty Hunter Clash. Completing the event unlocks the up path.

Completing the event on normal or hard difficulty unlocks the Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream masterpiece on the challenge board. Clearing the event within 40 seconds on normal or hard difficulty awards a Crouch Healer Boxing Gloves equipment.

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