Kirby's Crazy Appetite is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The player controls Kirby at 100% damage on Easy, 125% damage on Normal and 140% damage on Hard, and must heal all of his damage by eating the food that spawns all over the stage. 3 King Dededes, each with 50% damage on Easy and Normal and 0% damage on Hard, will fight Kirby, with 2 more appearing after some time has passed. The player only has 2 minutes to complete this event match.

This is one of the few event matches in the game that does not allow the use of customizations, for two potential reasons: It is very difficult to complete the event if Kirby has the Ice Breath variant of Inhale equipped, and any sort of auto-healing equipment will sidestep the objective of the event.


This event is unlocked by clearing New Challengers 1. Completing the event unlocks the left path.

Completing the event on hard difficulty awards the Fire Kirby trophy on the challenge board, as well as a Caloric Immortal Lollipop equipment.

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