Enough with the Kidnapping! is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, the player controls Peach and must defeat Bowser and Bowser Jr.. The player has two stocks while the opponents have one. A Boss Galaga appears on stage, with another one appearing immediately after the last one leaves, and will try to capture the player. Nabbit will also try to kidnap the player if the stage is allowed to transition, but he can also be useful to defeat the opponents.


This event is unlocked by clearing New Challengers 1. Completing the event does not unlock any further paths. However, after R.O.B. is unlocked and the event is completed, the right path will be revealed.

Clearing the event within 60 seconds awards an All-Around Trade-Off Toad equipment.

In Game

Peach vs the 4 "kidnappers" of the stage. Currently trying to escape Boss Galaga's clutches.

This mission is a reference to Princess Peach being a kidnapped damsel in most of her appearances, with a theme fitting Boss Galaga thrown in. Probably the most obvious problem is the Boss Galaga, that has unique programming in this mission compared to every other Boss Galaga in that it only goes afterand pick up only female characters, who in this case (and this Boss Galaga's case only appearance) is Peach. This incarnation of Boss Galaga also has another unique programming in that after it fails it will respawn again. While this Boss Galaga has unique programming, it is still just as hard to escape from as the regular "item" Boss Galaga as Peach or any other playable fighter. It is recommended that, if the player is able to, the player peach go to the air when the boss galaga will start going down as it will make the Galaga aim down from a higher angle, leaving Peach able to fight the Koopas. It is recommended that the player stay in the ground when Galaga is attempting a capture, this is because if they get "captured" while grounded, they will trigger a "pull in" animation, where Peach is lifted before the official kidnap attempt begins, giving the player more time to mash. If the player falls into the Boss Galaga's clutches while airborne, they will either get a shorter "pull in" or just go straight into the kidnapping stage directly.

The second main problem is simply Weight. Peach is a lightweight character at 86 points while Bowser Jr is at 108 and Bowser is 140. Adding to the danger is that Peach herself doesn't hit as hard as her heavier opponents, while Bowser in particular can defeat Peach with his hardest attacks at very low percentages. Peach otherwise needs to beat up both her opponents, particularly Bowser, a fair bit before he gets in her KO range.

The 3 ground "kidnappers" with Peach trapped inside Nabbit's bag.

Lastly Nabbit is the last stage hazard, who randomly appears during stage transitions. He too attempts to kidnap Peach, but rather oddly, unlike the Boss Galaga, he isn't programmed to only hit females (Peach) or target females primarily. He will also attempt to Kidnap both Bowser and Bowser Jr. Nabbit can help Peach by the player Peach walking up to him and trigger his "grab" animation then quickly move out of the way so he grabs one of the Koopahs instead and fly away with them in tow. If trying this strategy, the player has to keep a keen eye on their 2 other opponents and the Boss Galaga, as they can accidentally get sent flying or walk into the powerful beam of the Galaga. The player should also remember that Nabbit can also grab them just as much as their opponent, meaning they end up "kidnapped" instead of their intended opponent. It should be noted that Nabbit is noticably easier to escape from than Galaga.


  • The music used in this event, Rainbow Cruise, normally plays on Delfino Plaza, rather than Mushroom Kingdom U.
  • While Boss Galaga and Nabbit keep in line with the kidnapping (with Boss Galaga taking princess Peach's person away against her will and Nabbit performing an old school kidnapping by taking his victim away with his bag) Bowser and Bowser Jr. do not act the same.
  • it is a little odd that Bowser and Bowser Jr. defeating Peach in the traditional way counts as a "kidnapping".
  • Nabbit going after Bowser and Bowser Jr. is inconsistent with the Peach being the kidnap victim and having to fight them off.
  • The Beetle item is excluded from the event despite it's own "kidnapping" function.
  • Rather oddly it is possible for Peach to be "saved" from a kidnapping by her opponents if they strike Boss Galaga or Nabbit. In Boss Galaga's case a strong enough attack with enough knockback will send Peach flying away from Boss Galaga's beams, which can be dangerous in itself especially from hits from Bowser as Peach is lightweight.
  • Peach is the lightest weight character in this event.