Doppelgänger Duel is a single-player event match in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. The player controls Dark Pit, and must defeat Pit in a 200 HP stamina battle.


This event is unlocked by clearing A Situation of Some Gravity and unlocking Dark Pit. Completing the event unlocks the down path.

Clearing the stage on hard difficulty awards the Air Defender Raiment equipment.


  • The music used in this event, Dark Pit's Theme, normally plays on Palutena's Temple, rather than Skyworld.
  • The premise is similar to that of Event 18: Dark Link Duel and its predecessor, except that the roles are flipped; instead of fighting the dopplegänger as the original, the player fights the original as the doppelgänger.
    • This may be in reference to Kid Icarus: Uprising, where Dark Pit believed himself to be the original and Pit the doppelgänger towards the beginning of Chapter 6.