(Banana is Attack equipment, Tie is Defense equipment. Not the same type.)
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*[[Charizard]] (with Fake Nails and X-Attack), and [[Donkey Kong]] (with Banana and Tie) are the only characters able to use more than one type of equipment (not including Badges).
*[[Charizard]] is the only character able to use more than one type of equipment (not including Badges), being able to equip both Fake Nails and X-Attack.
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[[Category:Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U]]

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Equipment (装備 Soubi?) is a custom feature from Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U that allows players to improve the attack, defense, and speed of characters. Some equipment may also have bonus effects, which are explained below.

Equipment can be used in Smash battles, Training, Smash Run, Smash Tour, Classic Mode, and Special Orders, although the option is present to turn equipment off. Equipment cannot be used in All-Star mode, Trophy Rush, or any of the Stadium mini-games.

Equipment can be acquired in Smash Run, Smash Tour, Classic Mode, All-Star mode, Special Orders, Trophy Rush, Target Blast, and Home-Run Contest. White bags, green boxes, or red slots icons marked with a wrench symbol may carry either equipment or other Custom Parts.

Equipment can be "fed" to Amiibos to alter their stats.

Types of Equipment

Certain equipment can only be worn by certain characters, except for badges, which can be used by everyone. Every type of equipment can have bonus effects, which are listed at the bottom of this page. Although equipment will increase one stat, it will also decrease another stat as a trade-off. Attack equipment also decreases defense, defense equipment also decreases speed, and speed equipment also decreases attack.


Name Icon Levels Used by
Brawn Badge
Equipment Brawn Badge
  • Brawn Badge
  • Super Brawn Badge
  • Rare Brawn Badge
All characters
Power Gloves
Equipment Power Gloves
  • Power Gloves
  • High-Power Gloves
  • Max-Power Gloves
Mario, Luigi, Wario, Captain Falcon, Dr. Mario, Pac-Man, Sonic, Mii Brawler
Equipment Toad
  • Dedicated Toad
  • Brave Toad
  • Fearless Toad
Fake Nails
Equipment Fake Nails
  • Bronze Fake Nails
  • Silver Fake Nails
  • Gold Fake Nails
Bowser, Charizard
Equipment Egg
  • Medium Egg
  • Large Egg
  • Extra-Large Egg
Equipment Staff
  • Enchanted Staff
  • Purifying Staff
  • Holy Staff
Rosalina, Palutena
Equipment Drill
  • Light Drill
  • Super Drill
  • Hyper Drill
Bowser Jr.
Equipment Torch
  • Smoldering Torch
  • Burning Torch
  • Blazing Torch
Mr. Game & Watch
Equipment Banana
  • Ordinary Banana
  • High-Quality Banana
  • Exquisite Banana
Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong
Equipment Sword
  • Steel Sword
  • Silver Sword
  • Legendary Sword
Link, Toon Link, Marth, Ike, Meta Knight, Lucina, Shulk, Mii Swordfighter
Magic Stone
Equipment Magic Stone
  • Enchanted Magic Stone
  • Mystical Magic Stone
  • Mysterious Magic Stone
Zelda, Ganondorf
Equipment Needles
  • Iron Needles
  • Steel Needles
  • Silver Needles
Arm Cannon
Equipment Arm Cannon
  • Standard Arm Cannon
  • Deluxe Arm Cannon
  • Prototype Arm Cannon
Samus, Mega Man, Mii Gunner
Beam Whip
Equipment Beam Whip
  • Standard Beam Whip
  • Deluxe Beam Whip
  • Prototype Beam Whip
Zero Suit Samus
Sacred Treasures
Equipment Sacred Treasures
  • Heroic Sacred Treasures
  • Angelic Sacred Treasures
  • Godly Sacred Treasures
Pit, Dark Pit
Equipment Tome
  • Apprentice's Tome
  • Expert's Tome
  • Sage's Tome
Equipment Lollipop
  • Yummy Lollipop
  • Delicious Lollipop
  • Decadent Lollipop
Equipment Hammer
  • 100 lb. Hammer
  • 1-ton Hammer
  • 100-ton Hammer
King Dedede
Boxing Gloves
Equipment Boxing Gloves
  • Lightweight Boxing Gloves
  • Middleweight Boxing Gloves
  • Heavyweight Boxing Gloves
Little Mac
Equipment Blaster
  • Standard Blaster
  • Deluxe Blaster
  • Prototype Blaster
Fox, Falco
X Attack
Equipment X Attack
  • X Attack
  • Threefold X Attack
  • Sixfold X Attack
Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Greninja
Equipment Zapper
  • Standard Zapper
  • Deluxe Zapper
  • Prototype Zapper
Duck Hunt, R.O.B.
Equipment Bat
  • Decent Bat
  • Top-Notch Bat
  • Legendary Bat
Equipment Lloid
  • Mini Lloid
  • Good Ol' Lloid
  • Mega Lloid
Equipment Pikmin
  • Dedicated Pikmin
  • Brave Pikmin
  • Fearless Pikmin
Equipment Protein
  • One-Star Protein
  • Two-Star Protein
  • Three-Star Protein
Wii Fit Trainer


Name Icon Levels Used by
Protection Badge
Equipment Protection Badge
  • Protection Badge
  • Super Protection Badge
  • Rare Protection Badge
All characters
Equipment Overalls
  • Ordinary Overalls
  • Trendy Overalls
  • Vintage Overalls
Mario, Luigi, Wario
Equipment Dress
  • Enchanted Dress
  • High-Quality Dress
  • Exquisite Dress
Peach, Rosalina, Zelda
Equipment Shell
  • Turtle Shell
  • Iron Shell
  • Diamond Shell
Bowser, Bowser Jr.
Equipment Saddle
  • Bronze Saddle
  • Silver Saddle
  • Gold Saddle
Watch Battery
Equipment Watch Battery
  • Ordinary Watch Battery
  • High-Performance Watch Battery
  • Ultra-Performance Watch Battery
Mr. Game & Watch
Equipment Tie
  • Discount Tie
  • Expensive Tie
  • Designer Tie
Donkey Kong, Dr. Mario
Equipment Hat
  • Average Joe's Hat
  • Pretty Sweet Hat
  • Hero's Hat
Diddy Kong, Kirby, Ness
Equipment Shield
  • Steel Shield
  • Silver Shield
  • Legendary Shield
Link, Toon Link, Palutena
Equipment Suit
  • Light Suit
  • Super Suit
  • Hyper Suit
Sheik, Samus, Zero Suit Samus, Captain Falcon
Equipment Cape
  • Squire's Cape
  • Knight's Cape
  • King's Cape
Ganondorf, Marth, Ike, Lucina
Equipment Raiment
  • Heroic Raiment
  • Angelic Raiment
  • Godly Raiment
Pit, Dark Pit
Equipment Coat
  • Discount Coat
  • Expensive Coat
  • Designer Coat
Robin, King Dedede
Equipment Mask
  • Enigmatic Mask
  • Heroic Mask
  • Vengeful Mask
Meta Knight
Equipment Clothes
  • Well-Worn Clothes
  • Stylish Clothes
  • Expensive Clothes
Little Mac, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer
Equipment Jacket
  • Rookie's Jacket
  • Veteran's Jacket
  • Master's Jacket
Fox, Falco, Shulk, Mii Fighters
X Defense
Equipment X Defense
  • X Defense
  • Threefold X Defense
  • Sixfold X Defense
Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Greninja
Equipment Collar
  • Bronze Collar
  • Silver Collar
  • Gold Collar
Duck Hunt
Equipment Block
  • Iron Block
  • Steel Block
  • Diamond Block
Space Suit
Equipment Space Suit
  • Standard Space Suit
  • Deluxe Space Suit
  • Prototype Space Suit
Equipment Helmet
  • Light Helmet
  • Super Helmet
  • Hyper Helmet
Pac-Man, Mega Man
Equipment Ring
  • Bronze Ring
  • Silver Ring
  • Gold Ring


Name Icon Levels Used by
Agility Badge
Equipment Agility Badge
  • Agility Badge
  • Super Agility Badge
  • Rare Agility Badge
All characters
Equipment Shoes
  • Ordinary Shoes
  • Lightweight Shoes
  • Ultra-Lightweight Shoes
Mario, Luigi, Wario, Sheik, Ness, Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, Dr. Mario, Shulk, Sonic
Equipment Pumps
  • Discount Pumps
  • Expensive Pumps
  • Designer Pumps
Peach, Rosalina
Dash Mushroom
Equipment Dash Mushroom
  • Dash Mushroom
  • Double Dash Mushroom
  • Turbo Dash Mushroom
Bowser, Bowser Jr., Donkey Kong
Equipment Boots
  • Well-Worn Boots
  • Stylish Boots
  • Expensive Boots
Yoshi, Link, Zelda, Toon Link, Marth, Ike, Robin, Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Olimar, Lucina, Pac-Man, Mii Fighters
Equipment Microchip
  • Ordinary Microchip
  • High-Performance Microchip
  • Ultra-Performance Microchip
Mr. Game & Watch
Rocketbarrel Pack
Equipment Rocketbarrel Pack
  • High-Speed Rocketbarrel Pack
  • Mach-Speed Rocketbarrel Pack
  • Light-Speed Rocketbarrel Pack
Diddy Kong
Shin Guards
Equipment Shin Guards
  • Ordinary Shin Guards
  • Lightweight Shin Guards
  • Ultra-Lightweight Shin Guards
Ganondorf, Fox, Falco
Equipment Booster
  • Standard Booster
  • Deluxe Booster
  • Prototype Booster
Samus, Zero Suit Samus, R.O.B., Mega Man
Equipment Sandals
  • Nimble Sandals
  • Swift Sandals
  • Speedy Sandals
Pit, Palutena, Dark Pit
Turbo Boost
Equipment Turbo Boost
  • Turbo Boost
  • Deluxe Turbo Boost
  • First-Class Turbo Boost
Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight
X Speed
Equipment X Speed
  • X Speed
  • Threefold X Speed
  • Sixfold X Speed
Pikachu, Charizard, Lucario, Jigglypuff, Greninja
Equipment Feather
  • Enchanted Feather
  • Shiny Feather
  • Shimmering Feather
Duck Hunt

Bonus Effects

Effects that are considered detrimental are listed in red font. Equipment with detrimental effects often carry higher boosts to their primary stat and/or lower penalties to their negative stat.

Air AttackerImproved air attacks1.15x attack power while airborne.
Air DefenderImproved air defense0.75x damage received when in midair.
Air PiñataWeakened air defense1.2x damage received when in midair.
Air PushoverWeakened air attacks0.75x attack power while airborne.
All-around Trade-offImproved trade-off abilityStart with 60% damage but slowly gain attack, defense, and speed.
Anchor JumpHeavy jumps1.4x speed when falling.
AntiglideDecreased lateral air movement0.8x lateral air movement speed.
Antileap0.8x jump height.
Auto-HealerAuto-heal capabilityHeal damage gradually over time.
Beam SwordBeam Sword equippedStart battles with a Beam Sword. The stronger the attack, the longer the reach.
Bob-ombBob-omb equippedStart battles with a Bob-omb. Just don't hold on to it for too long...
Caloric AttackerImproved attack after eating1.4x attack power for 15 seconds after eating food.
Caloric DefenderImproved defense after eating0.5x damage received for 15 seconds after eating food.
Caloric ImmortalInvincibility after eatingBecome invincible for 5 seconds after eating food.
Caloric PowerhousePower up after eatingAttack, defense, and speed rise gradually for 15 seconds after eating food.
Caloric SpeedsterImproved speed after eating1.38x speed for 15 seconds after eating food.
CountdownCountdown bonusGreatly improved launch power for the last five seconds of a battle.
Crash LanderIncreased landing impactAfter landing, take more time to start moving again.
Critical HitterCritical-hit capabilityAttacks get a 20% chance of dealing extra damage.
Crouch HealerHeal while crouchingSlowly heal damage while crouching.
Desperate AttackerImproved attack in a crisis1.7x attack power for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
Desperate DefenderImproved defense in a crisisTake 0.33x damage for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
Desperate ImmortalInvincibility in a crisisGain 7 seconds of invincibility when your damage reaches 100%.
Desperate SpecialistPowered up in a crisisSlowly increase attack, defense and speed for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%
Desperate SpeedsterImproved speed in a crisis1.55x speed for 20 seconds when damage reaches 100%.
Dodgy DodgerWeakened dodge abilityGives a bit less time to dodge an enemy attack.
Double Final SmasherChance of double Final SmashAfter using a Final Smash, you have a 20% chance of being able to use it again.
Double-Jump BoostImproved double jump1.3x midair jump height.
Double-Jump DragWeakened double jump0.7x midair jump height.
Escape ArtistImproved escapabilityEscape more easily from being grabbed, stunned, etc.
Final Smash HealerHealing final SmashHeal damage gradually while you have the Final Smash glow.
Fire FlowerFire Flower equippedStart battles with a Fire Flower. Roast your enemies!
First StrikerFirst-strike advantageIf you land the first strike of the battle, you will be invincible for 10 seconds.
Food LoverIncreased healing from food1.5x damage healed when eating food.
GliderIncreased lateral air movement1.25x lateral air movement speed.
Gluey EdgeEasier edge grabsIncreased range for grabbing stage edges.
Hard BrakerImproved braking abilityStop on a dime even when dashing.
Hasty EdgeDecreased edge-grab durationHang on to the edges of stages for half as long.
Hi-JumpImproved ground jumps1.3x jump height from the ground.
Home-Run BatHome-Run Bat equippedStart battles with a Home-Run Bat. Use smash attacks and aim for the stands!
Hyper SmasherHyper smash attacksCharge smash attacks for longer to get 1.3x power.
Imperfect ShieldNo perfect shieldOnly get a normal shield no matter how good your timing is.
Insult to InjuryProne damage dealer1.4x damage when hitting a prone opponent.
Item HitterBattering item boost1.5x attack power to battering items.
Item HurlerStronger item throws1.5x attack power to thrown items.
Item LobberWeakened item throws0.7x attack power to thrown items.
Item PitcherThrowing item boostItem-throwing range increased.
Item ShooterProjectile item boost1.5x attack power and ammo for items that fire projectiles.
KO HealerKOs heal damageRecover damage when you KO an enemy.
LeaperImproved jump1.2x jump height.
Lingering EdgeIncreased edge-grab durationHang on to the edges of stages for twice as long.
Lip's StickLip's Stick equippedStart battles with a Lip's Stick. Hit an opponent to plant a damaging flower.
Lo-JumpWeakened ground jumps0.7x jump height from the ground.
MeandererDecreased walk speed0.8x walking speed.
Meteor MasterImproved meteor effect1.5x power when using moves that launch opponents downward.
Moon LauncherImproved launch ability1.3x attack power when launching enemies upward.
Mr. SaturnMr. Saturn equippedStart matches with Mr. Saturn. He does huge damage to fighters' shields.
Nimble DodgerImproved dodge abilityGives a little extra time to dodge an enemy attack.
No-Flinch SmasherNo-flinch charged smashesYou cannot be launched by standard attacks when charging a smash attack.
Perfect-Shield HelperEasy perfect shieldMore easily nullify attacks when blocking at the last second.
Picky EaterDecreased healing from food0.7x damage healed when eating food.
Pity Final SmasherRespawn Final SmashIf you're losing badly, you have a higher chance of respawning with a Final Smash ready.
Quick BatterQuicker bat swingFaster smash attacks when using the Home-Run Bat.
Quick SmasherQuick smash attacksCharge smash attacks faster when holding the attack button.
Ray GunRay Gun equippedStart battles with a Ray Gun. Blast your foes with lasers!
Risky RespawnerNo respawn invincibilityGet no invincibility after being KO'd.
Safe RespawnerExtended respawn invincibilityInvincibility will last three times as long after being KO'd.
Shield DegeneratorWeakened shield regenerationRecharge your shield more slowly.
Shield ExploderExplosive perfect shieldShield against an attack with perfect timing to create an explosion
Shield HealerHealth-restoring shieldRecover health when shielding relative to the power of received attacks.
Shield ReflectorMirror shieldWhen shielding, reflect some damage back at your attackers.
Shield RegeneratorImproved shield regenerationRecharge your shield more quickly.
Smash Ball AttractorSmash Ball gravitationAutomatically draw Smash Balls to you.
Smash Ball ClingerSmash Ball retentionWhen glowing with your Final Smash, resist losing it when attacked.
Smooth LanderReduced landing impactStart moving again more quickly after landing.
Speed CrasherCrash runDo damage to an opponent if you crash into them while dashing.
Speed SkaterSkating traction1.5x movement speed on land, but watch that you don't slip!
Speed WalkerIncreased walk speed1.3x walking speed.
SprinterIncreased run speed1.3x running speed.
Star RodStar Rod equippedStart battles with a Star Rod. Wave it to fire star-shaped projectiles.
StrollerDecreased run speed0.8x running speed.
Sudden Death GamblerChance of lucky Sudden DeathGet a 50% chance of going into Sudden Death with only 100% damage.
Super Final SmasherPowered up Final SmashAttack, defense, and speed rise gradually while you have the Final Smash glow.
Super ScopeSuper Scope equippedStart battles with a Super Scope. Attack with charge shots or rapid fire!
Thistle JumpFloaty jumps0.6x speed when falling.
Tough EdgeHarder edge grabsDecreased range for grabbing stage edges.
Trade-off AttackerImproved trade-off attack1.15x attack power from the start of the well as 30% damage.
Trade-off DefenderImproved trade-off defenseStart the match with 30% damage, but take only 0.8x damage from attacks.
Trade-off SpeedsterImproved trade-off speed1.3x speed from the start of the well as 30% damage.
Unharmed AttackerImproved attack at 0 damage1.5x attack power while damage is at 0%.
Unharmed Speed DemonImproved attack/speed at 0%Attack and speed gradually increase while damage is at 0%.
Unharmed SpeedsterImproved speed at 0 damage1.32x speed while damage is at 0%.
VampireLifestealWhen directly striking an opponent, may recover health relative to damage inflicted.


  • Charizard is the only character able to use more than one type of equipment (not including Badges), being able to equip both Fake Nails and X-Attack.
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