Olimar Takes flight in his ship

The ship crashes onto its victims

End of Day is the name of Olimar's Final Smash. Captain Olimar takes off in his spaceship (which traps and hurts enemies, doing about 27% damage from entering to take-off), leaving his opponents alone for Bulborbs (a common Pikmin enemy) to attack them. During the duration of the Bulborb attacks, the opponents receive about 47% damage. Afterwards, the ship crash lands back onto the stage, hurting (34%) anyone in its path. Despite being left behind, Olimar's Pikmin are unharmed, but left vulnerable to attack. It is advised to use Pikmin Order after the Final Smash ends to get them back to Olimar as quickly as possible.

The confirmation of the move at Smash Bros. DOJO!! stated that if more fighters are present, the move does more damage. On the other hand, if more fighters are dueling when this Final Smash is initiated, then there is more of a chance that the fighters would steal Olimar's KOs. Masahiro Sakurai stated that this was to balance the move out.

Remember that Olimar's ship always falls at the center of the stage, so is a good idea to pitfall trap the opponents at the center and upper part of the stage. The ship's liftoff can pitfall trap opponents, but only if they are close to the ship at liftoff. Thus a good strategy in one-on-one combat is to, with a Smash Ball equipped, lure an opponent to a spot where they can be hit by the returning rocket, then attempt to use the Final Smash to pitfall trap them there. This can be done on multiple opponents but is very difficult.

Olimar's ship is a Meteor Smash if it hits a foe in midair. Another possible use of End of Day therefore is to edgeguard by intercepting recovering enemies with the ship.

However, End of Day can be avoided by characters with high vertical recovery like Pit and R.O.B.

The name refers to the end of a day of Pikmin, when Captain Olimar takes off in his spaceship to rest for the next day. Any Pikmin who haven't made it to the safety of their Onions are devoured by predators during the night.

Trophy Info

Olimar's Final Smash. Dusk falls, and his spaceship makes a landing. Olimar takes the Onion, with all his Pikmin aboard, and blasts off for the stars. In Pikmin, native life-forms grew active and violent at night, making it lethal to remain on the surface--this is why Olimar would take his Onions and leave at night. This technique breaks the framework of the game.

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