For the trophy, see Egg (trophy). For the Yoshi Egg item, see Yoshi's Egg. For the Birdo Egg, see Birdo's Egg.


Eggs are container items that hold 1 item. They appear from the Pokémon Chansey or randomly on Yoshi levels. Eggs are functionally similar capsules.

The term egg can also refer to Yoshi's Up-B projectile, which does not behave like the items described here.

  • May store 1 item.
  • If thrown and hits an opponent it does 13-16% damage and little knockback. When dropped it does 9-10% damage.
  • If thrown, hits an opponent, and then explodes, it does 22% damage and has a lot of knockback
  • Another way to open the capsule is to hit it.
  • It also has a small chance of exploding.
  • Has a chance of healing 7% damage when picked up.

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