Edge pressure is the act of placing an attack with long-lasting hitboxes on the edge of a stage or creating some other kind of obstruction on the edge so that an opponent hanging on the edge or recovering to the edge will feel pressured to drop back off the edge or roll onto the stage to avoid being hit by the edge-guarder's attack; a smart player will often position themselves to punish the opponent when they edge-roll. Edge-pressure often times uses projectiles that can be easily deposited onto an edge though it is not limited to this.

Moves Often Used for Edge Pressure

Edge-Pressuring Moves
Move Name User Description
Bomb Samus Explodes after a set time
Giant Bomb Link Explodes after a set time
Time Bomb Toon Link Explodes after a set time; has high launch power
Gyro R.O.B. Damages opponents that touch it
Arcfire Robin Damages opponents that touch it
Timber Villager Planting it on or close to the edge can pressure opponents by limiting the space they have on the edge; more of a 'mental' edge-pressure method
Fire Breath Bowser Hits multiple times
Flamethrower Charizard Hits multiple times
Hand Slap Donkey Kong
Banana Diddy Kong Causes opponents to trip
Din's Flare Zelda Hovers in place for a bit before exploding
Burst Grenade Sheik Can be place on the edge for a while before detonating
Luma Shot Rosalina and Luma Places Luma on the edge to attack an opponent that gets up; charging a smash attack will further pressure opponents
Trick Shot Duck Hunt Placing it on the edge can pressure an opponent hanging from it
Bomb Drop Mii Gunner Explodes after a set time
Fire Hydrant Pac-Man Another 'mental' edge pressure tool, has pushboxes to make recovery difficult


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