Announced at E3 2001, Onett is the home of Ness, a stage centralized around the EarthBound world. It consists of two buildings on the far right and left, and a series of unstable awnings in the center. The awnings in the center of the stage will eventually give way, if enough players jump onto it. The awnings will be reset after a short period of time. On occasion, an exclamation point (in both Brawl and Melee) will appear onscreen, signifying that a car or van will pass by the bottom of the stage. These can hit the player(s) or opponent(s), so they should be avoided or guarded against. Characters can only be KO'd off either side of the stage or the top of the stage, as there are no drop-off points on this stage.

In All-Star mode, this stage is played on when you face Ness and any of his teammates.


This stage is from EarthBound. In EarthBound, Onett is a town in Eagleland. One of the first things one has to do in EarthBound is going to the drugstore for money. In Melee, the drugstore looks somewhat similar to the drugstore in EarthBound; however, the sign is different and in EarthBound the drugstore has two stories. Blue houses can be seen in Onett. In Melee, the building on the left doesn't look similar to any other buildings in Onett. In EarthBound, if one jumps in front of a moving car, it stops until one gets out of the way. The black van is the Runaway 5's van from EarthBound. In Melee, this is not true. One can see a cave entrance from EarthBound on the side of the hill. In the beginning of EarthBound, a meteor hits a top of a hill. In Melee, one can see a big rock. Giant Step, the first "Your Sanctuary" zone, is not present in Melee nor Brawl.

The primary music for this stage is from the Mother theme "Bein' Friends"; the alternate music is "Pollyanna", the first overworld theme from Mother and the theme for Ness's house in EarthBound.


The main hazards of this stage are the different colored vehicles that speed by the road at the bottom of the arena.

  • Taxi Cab (Yellow car) and Teal Coupe - These cars both do the exact same amount of damage and knockback. The coupe is most likely to spin out whenever it hits an opponent, and the larger the opponent, the more likely.
  • Magenta Coupe - This car deals reverse knockback, meaning that it sends the victim flying behind it. Very much like Dr. Mario's D-tilt, yet much more powerful.
  • Runaway Five's Truck - This car spikes any character it hits. Being that it's on the ground, the opponent can only be sent downward if in the middle of a short hop, otherwise the victim is sent upward. Also, this is the vehicle driven by the criminals on the warning poster.

Changes from Melee to Brawl

Eagleland: Onett returns in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as EarthBound: Onett. One change in the stage is that the right edge of the left building's roof can no longer be grabbed. Another slight change to this stage is that in the background, the red cross on the building of the Hospital has been removed. Its likely been removed due to censorship, as it was in the SNES EarthBound game. However, it could be a reference to its removal in the game. Also, there are slight lips on the both sides of the house on the right. This prevents characters against these walls from jumping to avoid cars. However, the cars in this version of Onett are far weaker and have potentially 0 KO ability, although hitstun is lethal and can interrupt most attacks.


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  • If the player stands just to the right of the blue house and pauses, zoom out to see the "Onett Message Board" to the right. It reads "Caution, A black van driven by this guy (seen in the picture right of the message) has been spotted driving recklessly through town. Be careful!".
  • Said black van belongs to a musical group in Onett named the Runaway Five. Two of the members appear in the opening sequence for Melee as well, nearly getting run over by Ness.
  • In Melee, when the language is set to "English", the black van will read: "RUNAWAY" which comes from the band named the Runaway Five in EarthBound. When the language is set to "Japanese", the van will read: "TONZURA", which comes from the band's name in the Japanese version of EarthBound (Mother 2), the Tonzura Bros. While language switching is unavailable in Brawl, the same difference exists between the Japanese and English versions.
  • The meteorite, Lier X, Agerate's, Ness's house, the Minch house, and the hospital from EarthBound can all be seen in the background. However, the stage's geography differs drastically from that from the original game, as the Drug Store should have a burger joint next to it and be at the north end of the town, whereas the Drug Store in Melee incorrectly appears at the south end and the Hospital is at the north instead of the south. There is not a straight road going through town in EarthBound nor tunnels leading out of the town; and the cave holes in the mountains are placed incorrectly, but the general motif remains.
  • The license plates of the vehicles read: "ONETT".
  • In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, there is a glitch involving the soccer ball item. If the ball is hit and lands on one of the bushes suspended in the air above the left house, it will bounce continuously, causing the bush to bounce, until a player or another item steps onto it.
  • In Brawl, the Pokémon Trainer stands on the roof of the drug store.
  • The car hazards are a possible reference to the Mad Truck and Mad Taxi enemies from Mother and Earthbound.
  • Interestingly, in Brawl whilst other returning stages feature music tracks from another non-returning Melee stage of the same series (Princess Peach's Castle is featured on Rainbow Cruise and Mute City on Big Blue for example), the music from Fourside does not feature on Onett.


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