Duon is a boss that is encountered late in The Subspace Emissary.

Creature Description

Duon is a two-sided robot on one set of wheels; one half being pink and possessing a head cannon, and two arm cannons (similar to Samus Aran). The other half being blue with a curved blade on its head tipped in light blue. Both sides have shoulder exhaust pipes in which rockets can be fired from (as well as their arm cannons) It rotates 180 degrees to change its attack strategy. The wheels it pivot on are the yin and yang symbols from Chinese belief, symbolizing balance and juxtaposition of two forces.

Role in the SubSpace Emissary

After Snake, Meta Knight and Lucario expelled all of the Mr. Game & Watches off of the Halberd's bridge, they dissolve into Shadow Bugs, which form into Duon. Duon is a large robot with two upper bodies protruding from its base. One of these bodies has a blade for a head, while the other has a laser. When one head takes damage, it turns 180 degrees and presents its other head.

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