This article is about Duck Hunt's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. For other uses, see Duck Hunt.
This duo excels at long-range attacks, like kicking exploding cans and throwing clay pigeons. For their Final Smash, three games from the Light Gun Series team up: Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, and Wild Gunman!
—Description from the Super Smash Blog.

Duck Hunt is a veteran fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, first playable in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. They were confirmed to return on June 12, 2018 during E3 2018.

When unlocked, they are fought at Duck Hunt.



  • Fast character overall.
  • Capable of crawling quickly.
  • Great zoning and edge guarding game.
  • Charging Smash Attacks increase their range.
  • Down Air can meteor smash.
  • Trick Shot is a versatile projectile that can be used for setting traps.
  • Clay Shooting is a great zoning move to put pressure from long distances.
  • Wild Gunmen puts space between the player and the opponent and can be used for distraction as well as setting up punishes based on how the opponent reacts to avoid being hit by the projectile.


  • Lightweight, being easy to launch.
  • High lag during Smash Attacks.
  • Low range for many attacks.
  • Relies too much on his setups using the Special Attacks in order to be effective.
  • Trick Shot can also damage Duck Hunt if they are too close to the explosion and opponents can use Trick Shot against them.


Changes from SSBWU/3DS


  • More voice clips were added, still holds the record of least voice clips of any fighter.
    • Oddly enough, the dog's laugh doesn't count as a voice clip.

Ground Attacks

Aerial Attacks

Grabs and Throws

Special Attacks


Ground Attacks


  • Neutral Attack: The dog performs a paw swipe, followed by a headbutt, followed by a double-footed side kick performed from the baby freeze. If button mashed, the duck pecks repeatedly at alternating angles, and then thrusts its wings and beak forward.
  • Forward Tilt: The dog leans on his chest and forepaws in order to thrust his lower back forward and propel the duck, who performs a peck.
  • Up Tilt: The dog leans on his chest and forepaws in order to thrust his lower back upward and propel the duck, who performs an upward headbutt while thrusting its wings upward.
  • Down Tilt: The dog swings his lower back forward to propel the duck, who performs a turning peck.
  • Dash Attack: The dog slides onto his chest and forepaws in order to thrust his lower back forward and propel the duck, who performs a peck.

Smash Attacks

  • Forward Smash: The dog and duck looks forward before the NES Zapper fires three shots in front of him while they comically dodge the shots.
  • Up Smash: The dog and duck looks upward before the NES Zapper fires three shots upward while they comically dodge the shots.
  • Down Smash: The dog and duck looks at the ground before the NES Zapper fires three shots around them while they comically dodge the shots.

Other attacks

  • Floor Attack (Front): The duck pecks on either side of the dog.
  • Floor Attack (Back): The duck headbutts behind the dog and then in front of the dog.
  • Floor Attack (Trip): The duck pecks behind the dog and then in front of the dog.
  • Ledge Attack: The dog climbs up and leans on his chest and forepaws in order to thrust his lower back forward to propel the duck, who performs a peck.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral aerial: The dog performs an aerial cartwheel.
  • Forward aerial: The dog thrusts his lower back forward to propel the duck, who performs a corkscrew peck.
  • Back aerial: The dog thrusts his lower back backward to propel the duck, who performs a turning peck.
  • Up aerial: The duck pecks upward three times while carrying the dog in tow.
  • Down aerial: The dog somersaults to propel the duck, who performs a somersaulting peck.

Grabs and Throws

  • Pummel: The duck performs a headbutt.
  • Forward Throw: The dog rears his head back and sways it forward to throw the opponent.
  • Back Throw: The dog spins around to throw the opponent.
  • Up Throw: The dog performs a handstand kick.
  • Down Throw: The dog sways his head downward to slam the opponent onto the ground.

Special Moves

Duck Hunt's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Trick Shot
Side Special Clay Shooting
Up Special Duck Jump
Down Special Wild Gunman
Final Smash NES Zapper Posse


  • Up Taunt: The Dog does a Hand Stand and goes from one paw to another until by the third one the Duck gets angry/upset and quacks as the Dog looks up in surprise.
  • Down Taunt: The Dog gets on it’s Hind Legs and does a little dance (Almost as if he is saying “Na-Na-Na-Na Boo Boo” in Dog speak.)
  • Side Taunt: The Dog lays back and does his iconic laugh as the Duck flies hovers over the Dog with a delighted look on it’s face.

On-Screen Appearance

  • Duck Hunt jumps onto an 8-bit set of grass as he rises up and does his iconic laugh.

Idle Poses

The Dog uses it’s Hind Leg to scratch his itch as he is sitting down.

The Dog starts to sniff the ground and moves his head from side to side as the Duck looks down with him.

Victory Poses

  • The Dog jumps over an 8-bit set of grass as he rises up and does his iconic laugh as he stands on his Hind Legs while the Duck flaps his wings behind him.
  • The Dog Summons a Wild Gunman (which is also his Down B) as he faces the left and then turns around to the right and Summons another Wild Gunman.
  • A Trickshot (Duck Hunt’s Neutral B) Can bounces into view as the Dog Dashes towards where it will land and kicks it away while standing on his Hind Legs with an angry face and then looks towards the camera/screen with his tongue sticking out.

In competitive play

In the early metagame, most players believed Duck Hunt was worse than his Smash 4 counterpart due to Ultimate's game mechanics encouraging more aggressive gameplay, which contrasted Duck Hunt's more campy playstyle. Despite this, however, players, most notably Raito, showed that their buffs from Smash 4 were effective in making them a viable character in the current game. This helped Duck Hunt's perception in the community, with most people believing the character's viability was on-par with his Smash 4 counterpart.

However, Duck Hunt's results has since seen a slow decline, due to a stagnant playerbase and declining results from Raito. With buffs not addressing Duck Hunt's worst flaws, including its weak kill power, the current consensus is that Duck Hunt is a solid mid-tier.

Classic Mode: Dog, Duck, Zapper

Duck Hunt's opponents are all animals or Mii Fighters with animal costumes.

Round Opponent Stage Music
1 Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong Kongo Jungle Swinger Flinger
2 Sonic Windy Hill Zone Wonder World
3 Fox, Falco, and Wolf Garden of Hope Garden of Hope
4 Giant King K. Rool Kongo Falls Snakey Chantey
5 5 Mii Fighters Green Greens Floral Fields
6 6 Duck Hunts Living Room Duck Hunt Medley (for 3DS / Wii U)
Final Rathalos ? Roar/Rathalos

Role in World of Light

Duck Hunt was among the fighters that were summoned to fight the army of Master Hands.

During the opening cutscene, Duck Hunt was present when Galeem unleashed his beams of light. The duo was seen panicking alongside Villager and a composed Wii Fit Trainer, with the dog covering his eyes and the duck attempting to lift the dog off the floor with Duck Jump. The duo was then placed under Galeem's imprisonment alongside the rest of the fighters, excluding Kirby.

In the mode proper, Duck Hunt can be found inside a forest covered in fog to be challenged and recruited. In this battle, they appear as a Grab Spirit with 3300 power. They are fought on the Omega version of the stage Duck Hunt.

Palette Swaps

Duck Hunt Palette (SSBU).png


Tips about a character's background and how to use that character can appear at random intervals on the loading screen. The player can also access the full list of tips at any time in the "Vault" section. The following tips are copied verbatim from the in-game text.

  • Duck Hunt's Origins: Duck Hunt was released on the NES in North America in 1995, but did you know Nintendo released another toy in Japan with the same title in the '70s?
  • In Their Series: Duck Hunt for the NES was played using the special NES Zapper. In that game, you hunted ducks that flew out of the bushes, and the dog would collect them.
  • Duck Hunt's Sales: The game Duck Hunt sold over 28 million copies worldwide. A big contribution to this was its inclusion as a pack-in title with the NES console.
  • Trick Shot (Neutral Special): This move kicks an exploding can towards your enemies. Keep pressing the button to fire shots that move the can forward.
  • Risks with Trick Shot (Neutral Special): If the Duck Hunt dog and duck are near the can when it's shot, the duo will crouch down and cover their eyes, leaving them vulnerable for a moment.
  • Trick Shot Anytime (Neutral Special): Even while grabbing opponents, being grabbed, or using Duck Jump, you can keep shooting the can.
  • Trick Shot Techniques (Neutral Special): You can move the can by shooting it with the special-move button or by hitting it with other attacks. Try to position the can in an advantageous position while you move around the stage.
  • Clay Shooting (Side Special): The clay pigeon's speed will change if you're on the move. Tap the special-move button a second time for the gunman to open fire, hurting nearby foes if he hits.
  • Duck Jump (Up Special): The duck grabs the dog and carries him through the air. You're very vulnerable while in the air. You can cancel with attacks or with a midair dodge once a bit of time passes after initiating the move.
  • Wild Gunman (Down Special): This move summons a pixelated gunman who shoots straight ahead. The gunman selected is random, and each one works a little differently.
  • Defeated Wild Gunman (Down Special): The gunmen can be defeated if they take enough damage. For a surprise, hit the one in a black suit near the top or hit the lanky one near the bottom!
  • Wild Gunman Order (Down Special): The gunmen's order is random, but all five will take a turn before cycling. Remember the first four, and you can predict the last one!
  • Wild Gunman Attack Power (Down Special): The gunmen's firepower, from best to worst: the sombrero guy, the cool leader, the guy in a suit, and then a tie between the lanky and beardy ones.
  • Wild Gunman Range (Down Special): The lanky gunman has a longer range than any of the others, and the one in the sombrero has the shortest range. The others are pretty much equal.
  • Wild Gunman Speed (Down Special): The gunmen from fastest to slowest: the cool leader (earning that title!), the one in a suit, the one in a sombrero, the beardy one, and the lanky one.
  • NES Zapper Posse (Final Smash): Three games from the Light Gun series team up: Duck Hunt, Hogan's Alley, and Wild Gunman.
  • Zapper (Side Smash): You can charge it up to extend the range a bit, which may catch opponents off guard if they don't expect it to reach that far.
  • Wild Duck (Up Air Attack): The duck will peck upwards three times. The last peck has good launch power, so use it as a finisher.
  • Can and Clay Pigeons: While the clay pigeon is flying, you cannot take out the can with Trick Shot. However, you can use a clay pigeon after taking out a can.



  • If Duck Hunt is hit by Incineroar’s Final Smash, the duck will T-Pose during the whole cinematic. It is currently unknown why.
    • The duck will also T-Pose when the dog air dodges .
  • In the EU version of the game, Duck hunt is called “Duck Hunt Duo”.

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