Dropblocks custom

Drop Blocks can be used in custom stages.

A Drop Block (analogous to, and sometimes called, a Donut Lift from the Mario series) is a part usable in Brawl's Stage Builder. In Stage Builder, they are brown blocks with dark brown upside-down triangles on the sides. When stepped on for long enough by characters or items, these blocks shake, then fall. They eventually reappear. They only drop when they are stood on, so it is possible to make one-way passages by sealing a narrow entry with a Drop Block. Interestingly, it is possible to Wall Cling to the side of a Drop Block without making it fall.

Drop Blocks in SSE

Drop Blocks in the SSE normally come between players and a prize.

Drop Blocks also appear in certain levels of the Subspace Emissary. These Drop Blocks fall faster and are usually placed over a gap, spikes, or water and between a character and a target. These Drop Blocks do not reappear (except in Subspace (Part I), where they cover an extended area without ground), so careful planning (or a floaty character) are required to avoid having to replay the stage.


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