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Dream Land is a kingdom on Planet Popstar. Dream Land is portrayed as a peaceful little place with a large range of scenery and landscapes. The self-proclaimed ruler of Dream Land is King Dedede; a wealthy tyrant who is shown to do little or nothing for the best of his subjects or Dream Land itself. The king often causes trouble here, intentional or not (and sometimes, under the influence of mind-controlling villains like Dark Matter), and it's often up to Kirby to fix it and save Dream Land. Almost all of Kirby's adventures take place here at one point or another.

People and Culture

Dream Land features a wide array of both landscapes and inhabitants. Dream Land's demographics indicate that the Waddle Dee species make up the majority of the area's life. Besides the Waddle Dees, many other species live and thrive in Dream Land as well. The majority of the inhabitants and citizens are peaceful and love to dream, however some of its inhabitants can be rather dangerous and violent.

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