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Dream Land, known as Pupupu Land (プププランド Pupupu Rando?) in Japan, is a new stage that appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and returns in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Stage layout

The stage works similarly to Flat Zone in that it takes place in a game console, in this case the Game Boy. Like Flat Zone, Dream Land has very close side blast lines, making getting KO'd very easy. Lower blast lines are only encountered occasionally as the stage scrolls.

In this stage, the fighters will play on different levels from the game Kirby's Dream Land, transitioning to a new level every 20 seconds or so.

The characters will spawn in the Game Boy's opening screen, which quickly transitions to the original version of Green Greens. Later, the stage will scroll to another part of Green Greens, where there is a cliff drop to the right. The stage will then transition to King Dedede's castle, composed of a main floor, two higher platforms, and four doors which cannot be accessed. It will then transition outside the castle, on two large platforms and three small ones. It will then transition to the King Dedede boss room.

Holding the L button while selecting the stage will change the green color of the stage into white, similar to the Game Boy Pocket or any other console other than the original Game Boy that can play the original Kirby's Dream Land game. This even applies to the Ω Form of this stage.


Dedede ring

Kirby's Dream Land was played on a Game Boy, with five stages. Players controlled Kirby as he traveled through Dream Land, picking up food, Superspicy Curry, Maxim Tomatoes, and 1-ups. The five stages were Green Greens, Castle Lololo, Float Islands, Bubbly Clouds, and Mt. Dedede. Mt. Dedede was the last stage, and players were given the option to begin again.



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