The Fountain of Dreams is a very popular stage for quite a few reasons. One of them is because it's a very basic stage. It resembles the Battlefield stage in the fact that it has a large lower platform and three elevated ones. The bottom main platform is flat the whole way through without any obstacles in the way. Announced at E3 2001, The left lower platform and the right lower platform are the same length. They both, over time, move up and down in no particular correspondence. They can rise to be as high as just under the highest platform, or drop to the point where they sink through the level, thereby making them impossible to stand on. The fourth platform is at the very top and is the same length as the other aforementioned elevated platforms. The top platform does not move in any direction. Interestingly, this stage is a tournament neutral stage for one-on-one tournaments, but is often banned in team tournaments, due to its small size and lagging.

Also, in All-Star Mode, this stage is played on when you face Marth and any of his teammates, despite this being Kirby's stage. In Classic Mode it actually could appear when fighting Bowser.


The Fountain of Dreams first appeared in Kirby's Adventure. It is the home of the Star Rod, which gives good dreams to the inhabitants of Dream Land. After the Star Rod was stolen and broken by King Dedede for safe purposes, Kirby had to collect the seven parts by travelling throughout the seven levels of the game. When he placed the Star Rod back in the fountain, Nightmare, a dark creature that corrupted the Fountain of Dreams, came out of it. Afterwards, Kirby fought Nightmare using the Star Rod and defeated it.

Artistic Design

Fountain of Dreams is a fountain of rainbow colored water that trickles down the bottom of the stage into a purple mist. According the the Fountain of Dreams trophy, the water is a mist that trickles down into the dream fog that is spread throughout Dream Land, which is Kirby's home. The back of the stage reveals the fountain that the dreams flow from, a few fantastic trees, and a few wooden stars, all of which are illuminated by color changing lights. To the left and right of the stage background there are two spire towers orbited by rings. These objects are tied together by the stage's backdrop - a black sky sprinkled with stars, floating circles, and a spectacular display of an aurora. Many Smashers consider the Fountain of Dreams very beautiful and atmospheric.


  • The platforms rise and fall, and disappear randomly due to them floating on geysers.
  • The design of this stage was used in cutscenes in Milky Way Wishes in Kirby Super Star Ultra.
  • In Brawl this stage does not return, but the theme does.
  • The reflection caused by the fountain's water does not show characters blinking; rather, the eyes in the reflections always remain open.
  • The potential lag of doubles matches is caused by the water reflection effect.
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