Dream Home (ゆめのマイハウス My House of Dreams?) is Villager's Final Smash. Isabelle has a similar Final Smash called Dream Town Hall.


When a Villager calls on this Final Smash within range of an enemy player, the target will become trapped and the Animal Crossing characters Tom Nook, Timmy Nook, and Tommy Nook will appear and quickly build a house around them. Once they finish constructing it, the three Nooks and the Villager will briefly celebrate, just before the house explodes violently and launches the trapped character and the Nooks into the air dealing a combined damage total of 45%. The explosion does not harm the Villager who used the Final Smash. If the Villager fails to grab a character, the Final Smash will be wasted. However, the trio of tanukis will still appear, albeit with confused looks on their faces, and the Villager will stumble over backward.


In most Animal Crossing games, the first thing the player does after arriving in the town is buy a house from Tom Nook. After the player has payed off their debt, they buy an expansion to the house.


Trophy Description


Dream Home

If you're wanting to buy a house in Animal Crossing, Tom Nook is always happy to help. And it looks like he's expanding his business to Smash Bros. too. If you activate the Villager's Final Smash, Nook will rush in and build a house for you right then and there! One small, very minor difference between this house and the ones in the original game? This one explodes.


Tom Nook

The owner of Nookington's, yes, yes. "Yes, yes" is his favorite catchphrase. Despite all the money he's earned, he'll never lose that down-to-earth charm. With such a friendly demeanor, there's just no way he could be trying to rip you off. So trustworthy, yes, yes!

  • NGC - Animal Crossing (09/2002)
  • DS - Animal Crossing: Wild World (11/2005)


Timmy & Tommy

These twin brothers operate the Nookling stores. Thanks to Tom Nook's teachings, they are just as talented as he is and run Nookling Junction with such success that it can expand several times. Despite their success, they never forget the core value of good customer service.

  • NGC - Animal Crossing (09/2002)
  • 3DS - Animal Crossing: New Leaf (06/2013)


Villager's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Pocket
Side Special Lloid Rocket
Up Special Balloon Trip
Down Special Timber
Final Smash Dream Home