Gather all three pieces to assemble the legendary Air Ride machine called the Dragoon.
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The Dragoon (ドラグーンパーツ Doragūn Pātsu?) is a combining item in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. When fully assembled, it allows the player to ride it and ram it into opponents and launch them.


The Dragoon is broken up into three parts: the nosecone, the body and the tail. Each part will appear during a match at a random location, where they can be collected by "attacking" them. The part that the character collected is indicated by a smaller icon on the left side of the damage meter. The part remains in the character's possession unless they are KO'd or if they take enough damage to lose it, which will enable the part to be grabbed by other characters. Parts that fall off the stage will reappear after some time passes

Upon collecting all three parts, the user will form the Dragoon and hop onto it then fly off-screen. A targetting reticle will appear, which the player can guide to aim the Dragoon, which can be fired by pressing the attack button. A beeping sound will play during the aiming sequence, and after ten beeps the Dragoon will automatically be fired. If the Dragoon makes contact with an opponent (signalled by the ping sound), they will be inflicted 40% damage and very high knockback, enough to OHKO. After firing, the character will return to the stage by falling from the upper blast line. The character is invincible from the moment they collect the final part to after firing the Dragoon.

Because the reticle moves quickly and opponents have time to move before the Dragoon is fired, it can be difficult to effectively use the item; consequently, it can be very difficult to dodge the attack as it requires precision, particularly for heavyweight characters.

The Dragoon parts only appear once per match, and will not always appear every match. They will not appear if a Smash Ball is in play, but they can appear alongside the Daybreak parts in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In Team Battles in 3DS/Wii U, teammates share the Dragoon parts, and the player who collects the final part will assemble the Dragoon.

The Dragoon makes an appearance in The Subspace Emissary. Shortly after the Halberd's destruction, Kirby rides the Dragoon while the other ships distract the Subspace Gunship's defense system. Kirby uses the Dragoon to fly directly through the ship at high speeds, destroying it. Kirby uses the Dragoon to enter Subspace along with the other fighters, being the third ship to do so.

In Ultimate, a timer bar was added on the bottom centre of the target screen to show the time left before it automatically fires.

Dragoon Parts

Stages of Firing

Trophy Info

Dragoon Trophy in the Trophy Hoard
An attack-capable Air Ride machine you can assemble by combining parts A, B, and C. You can knock off parts held by foes in combat, so stealing parts is something that's sure to occur. In Kirby Air Ride, you control legendary machines, but the Dragoon not only towers above all others in terms of speed, it is also able to fly.
  • Kirby Air Ride (2003)

Collect parts A, B, and C to assemble the legendary Air Ride machine known as the Dragoon. Take careful aim, and then ride it toward your target, A hit will send enemies flying out of the battle. Taking damage before you've collected all the parts can knock them from your grasp, however.

  • NGC - Kirby Air Ride (10/2003)


The item comes from Kirby Air Ride, in which the Dragoon had to be constructed in a similar manner. It is one of two legendary vehicles, the other being the Hydra. The Dragoon is known for its flight abilities, while the Hydra is extremely fast and has a great offence. The Dragoon and Hydra also have very high health compared to other machines in the game.



  • If a character is Star KO'd while possessing a Dragoon Part, the part will fall back onto the stage after a few seconds.
  • Contrary to its trophy description, the Dragoon was not the fastest machine in Kirby Air Ride. Hydra, the other legendary machine, was capable of speeds much greater than any other machine could reach without power-ups. The Formula Star, while having abysmal acceleration, was also capable of moving slightly faster than Dragoon on land.
  • In training mode, when any amount of Dragoon Parts are on the field and the Smash Ball is spawned, all the parts on the field not being held by a character will disappear. The opposite occurs as well.
  • It is actually possible not to be KO'ed by the Dragoon on larger stages. It's just that, normally, it has enough knockback to do so.
  • Dragoon is also the name of a beast in a different franchise, Beyblade.
  • This item is particularly notable due to an infamous leak. In October of 2007, a user on GameFAQs claiming to know information about the game posted, among other things, a very precise description of this item and its function. When it was revealed on the Dojo two months later, people began to believe the rest of the information he had posted, which included some character and stage confirmations. Everything that he posted turned out to be true in the final product, so it is commonly accepted that, unlike other false leakers, this person did indeed have inside information during the game's development.

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