Dragon Lunge is Corrin's Side Special Move. Corrin leaps forward and lunges his blade diagonally toward the ground.


If he makes contact with the ground or items, he will freeze in midair. If he makes contact with an opponent, the same thing will happen, but the opponent will be frozen as well. Corrin can then choose to perform a front kick, back kick, jump, or cancel.

The front kick will hit the pinned opponent. The back kick will hit an opponent behind Corrin; this can be useful in doubles matches if another opponent comes up behind Corrin or if Corrin misses the initial lunge attack they can kick backwards to hit an opponent that dodged behind them. Jumping out of the attack can combo into down air, fast fall neutral air, and fast fall forward air. Cancelling prevents Corrin from sitting in midair open to attack. Cancelling could also combo into down tilt or down smash if timed correctly.

Perhaps one of Corrin's most versatile and useful moves, the Dragon Lunge has lots of set-ups. The move deals the most damage at the very tip. When an opponent is pinned down, Corrin has lots of options to go off of. However, don't forget that even if Corrin doesn't pin down an opponent with the move, he can still perform some of these options. The front kick and back kick are good for damage and also excellent kill moves. An opponent will usually block the initial lunge attack with their shield and then drop their shield to try and attack; when they drop shield, this is the perfect time to do a front kick as a punish. If the opponent rolls behind Corrin when the initial lunged is executed, do a back kick to attack the opponent. If the opponent rolls away from Corrin as the lunge is executed, do a front kick. When Corrin has pinned down an opponent, he can jump out of the lunge and then hit the opponent with a down aerial, neutral aerial, or forward aerial. If the opponent manages to dodge the lunge and then prepares to fire a projectile at Corrin, jump out of the lunge to dodge the projectile and then use an aerial attack to punish. If the opponent does not escape the pin, Corrin can wait until the move cancels, dropping Corrin and the opponent to the ground; once on the ground, Corrin can do a down tilt to launch the opponent into the air and then follow up with an up aerial, neutral aerial, up smash, or up tilt, with the up aerial option being a viable kill combo. If the opponent does escape the pin, simply launch a forward or back kick to attack them and avoid being punished. If Corrin is recovering low and the up special won't make it to the edge, try to side special the wall of the stage (this method only works on stages that have walled edges such as Gamer on Wii U or Omega Green Hill Zone on 3DS.) Once this has been done, jump out of the lunge, granting Corrin an increase in height, and use the midair jump if he still has it. Then use the up special to reach the edge. If Corrin is trying to get back on the stage and an opponent is edge-guarding, use Dragon Lunge to skewer the edge and then forward kick the edge-guarding opponent; this damages the opponent and gets Corrin back on stage.


Corrin's Special Moves
SSBWU/3DS Ultimate
Standard Special Dragon Fang Shot
Side Special Dragon Lunge
Up Special Draconic Ascent
Down Special Counter Surge
Final Smash Torrential Roar