Dragon King: The Fighting Game, (格闘ゲーム竜王 Kakuto-Gemu Ryuo), was an unfinished low budget 3D fighting game, and was the first in a planned series of fighting video games. The game was developed for the Nintendo 64, where it was to make unique use of the joystick on the controller. After deciding to use Nintendo characters to give it a more proper atmosphere on the Nintendo 64, the game later became Super Smash Bros., which became a huge success originally in Japan which was later released world-wide because of it's success. And because of Super Smash Bros. being so popular, it had a total of four games released right after it.


  • In the only screenshots released of the game, the background of the stage the unnamed characters are fighting on is that of the Ryuoh-cho neighborhood, the location of developer HAL Laboratory's Yamanashi headquarters.