Dracula's Castle is a new stage featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


The stage features two platforms to the left and right that move up and down. On the right side of the stage are stairs whose bottom half is broken off. Candles will appear on the stage that will spawn items when attacked.

Other characters that appear in the background of the stage include The Creature with Igor, Mummy, Medusa, Werewolf, Carmilla in her giant mask form and Death.


Dracula's castle has been the primary setting for the entire Castlevania series. Although a fair amount of said games don't actually take place within said castle until later, it is a constant presence in one way or another nonetheless. In one particular game, Order of Ecclesia, the castle is not accessed until the endgame.

A common fixture of the castle is Dracula's throne room, at the tallest point of the castle with an outside staircase leading upward to the left, with a clock tower nearby. Said clock tower itself is usually an area within the castle that an intruder must traverse through, with Death usually nearby. Another common occurrence with the castle is that it always crumbles upon Dracula's defeat at an enemy's hands.

The castle is as old as Dracula is and has a new layout for each game. This oddity is explained in Symphony of the Night, where Alucard explains to Maria Renard that the castle is a "creature of chaos" that takes a new form with each rebirth it and its master go through.

In Lament of Innocence, the castle was initially owned by the vampire Walter Bernhard. After his demise, it was taken over by Mathias Cronqvist, the future Dracula. Since then, it arises either at the same time as its master, or as a herald of his rebirth, as the castle has arisen multiple times before Dracula has even been reborn, usually under another's evil influence.

Some games show that Dracula's castle extends its dark influence to its surroundings, such as Super Castlevania IV, where Simon Belmont traverses a perilous land with many a dangerous settlement hindering him, before setting foot within the castle itself.

Alternate versions of the castle can also exist alongside it. In Harmony of Dissonance, the fractured possessed psyche of Maxim Kischine creates a second castle that occupies roughly the same space as the castle, though it lies in another dimension. In Symphony of the Night, Shaft summons an upside-down copy of the castle once Dracula's resurrection draws near.

By Aria of Sorrow, set in 2035 AD, the castle has been sealed in a solar eclipse by the forces of light, during the battle of 1999. Nonetheless, Dracula's reincarnation, Soma Cruz, is drawn into the castle when an eclipse occurs in Japan. Soma ultimately escapes the castle after defying his destiny, and the castle seems to crumble within the eclipse. The Dark lord cultists of Dawn of Sorrow create a replica castle one year later as their base of operations.


  • Sometimes a candle will appear and will drop an item if attacked.
  • The background wall prevents Star KO's from happening.


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