Dr. Wright (ドクターライト) is a character that appeared in the SNES version SimCity. In Super Smash Bros., he is seen as a trophy in both Melee and Brawl as well as an Assist Trophy in Brawl.

Character Description

In the SNES version of SimCity, the player was cast as mayor, assisted by Dr. Wright. Named after series creator Will Wright, he possesses tall green hair and eyebrows with a black toothbrush mustache. He wears spectacles and a brown suit with a purple bow tie, and holds a white baton. Dr. Wright is tasked with giving the mayor timely advice to help his budding city flourish and prosper, while preventing its destruction from various disasters, natural and otherwise; such as a Godzilla-like attack from none other than Bowser.

As a character appearing in an old port of a primarily PC-based series not owned by Nintendo, Dr. Wright is one of their most obscure properties. Most contemporary gamers were unaware of his existence until Melee in 2001 [citation needed]. Though, Nintendo does own the character himself.

Melee Trophy Description

Dr. Wright's trophy in Melee

Dr. Wright
The assistant to the mayor of SimCity, Dr. Wright was actually named after the creator of the game. As a player, you'd have to use your wisdom and experience to give timely advice to the mayor; if you did a good job, the city prospered. Dr. Wright is one of the leaders in the all-time, bizarre Nintendo-game-hairstyle contest.
(SimCity, 8/91)

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Buildings sprout like plants from the ground.

Assist Trophy

The Doctor uses his baton to erect some sky scrapers beside him, hurling players into the air. There is a one in ten chance that he will instead create super scrapers, covering a larger area and dealing more damage.

Trophy Description

Dr. Wright's trophy in Brawl

A hardworking assistant to the city mayor. He has distinctive hair and spectacles and a dapper moustache. Dr. Wright has a comprehensive knowledge of city government and is happy to give you tips to keep your city running smoothly. In the game, he tracks your city's status and gives you gifts. There was a character reminiscent of him in The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.



  • Dr Wright is one of two assist trophies to have a different pose for his artwork in the Smash Bros. DOJO!! then in his Brawl trophy (the other being Lyn). The DOJO!! art is identical to his trophy's pose in Melee.
  • Dr Wright is named for Sim City designer Will Wright.
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