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The '''''Dr. Mario'' series''' is a series of puzzle games involving the character [[Dr. Mario]].
|name=Dr. Mario
|universe=[[Mario universe|Mario]]
|appearsin=[[Super Smash Bros. Melee|SSBM]]
|availability=[[Secret character|Secret]]
|debut=[[Dr. Mario]] (1990)
: ''This article discusses '''Dr. Mario'''. For the regular version of the Doctor, see [[Mario]].
'''Doctor Mario''' (Japanese: {{ja|Dr. マリオ}} ''Dokutā Mario'', also known as "Doc") is a [[character]] in [[Super Smash Bros. Melee]], [[unlockable character|unlocked]] by either clearing [[Classic Mode]] on any difficulty or [[stock]] setting with Mario without using any continues or by playing 100 [[Versus Mode]] matches.
==Pros & Cons==
*Good [[edge-guarding|edge-guarder]] via [[back aerial]] and [[Cape]]
*Pills help control approaches
*Can [[chain throw]] some characters and [[down throw]] to [[forward aerial]] as a staple KO
*Good aerial game
*Great wavedash
* Lacks range
* Very short [[recovery]] (one of the worst)
==Recovery Improvement==
*Forward-B (Cape): Gives a slight lift. This can be used once in the air to gain altitude, unlike Mario's-- which may be used more than once.
*Down-B (Dr. Tornado): If you mash B rapidly while Doc is spinning, he'll get a slight lift. Hold the Control Stick towards the stage afterwards so the slight altitude gained is not wasted. This can also be used only once in the air.
===Target Test by [[DRIN]]===
You will need to abuse many techniques for this, so practice is recommended.
First, as soon as movement is allowed, run to the right. You should start moving before the timer begins running. As you start to fall, cape the target, and double jump back to the start platform. Dash right, then use the cape to hit the target inside the open box. The cape's mommentum should land you inside, but use your 2nd jump if needed. Double jump back to the start.
Next, jump on to the 2nd platform above you. It should be close to the targets on the left side of the metal wall. Dash Jump, cape BOTH TARGETS AT ONCE, and double jump back to the platforms to the left. A Fair also works for this.
Move to the topmost left platform. Dash Jump, and cape the top left target. On the way down, use your cape to hit the other targets. Land on the moving platform. 2 should remain.
Move to the rightmost top platform. Dash Jump, use your second jump and at the tip you should Up-B. The target should barely be hit. Use DI to drop on to the moving platform below. Suicide drop and hit the last target.
'''Time Complete''': I got between 45-50 seconds on my runs, but it might be possible to get lower.
Pill Rush: Bombard the enemy with a wall of Pills exerted after a short jumped into a fast fall and at ground point. Repeat this three Pill fire sequence while approaching the opponent to render them almost stunned. This technique does not work as well for Mario, due to the Pills added weight and higher bounce.
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The Dr. Mario series is a series of puzzle games involving the character Dr. Mario.

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