Distant Planet is stage featured in Brawl. It's Olimar's home stage. In the background it greatly resembles Impact Site, the first area of the first Pikmin game. The main area has one long leaf and three small ones above that. These three leaves are bouncy but will be weighed down and lay on the big leaf if stood on too long.

As you play, you’ll see numbered Pellets fall from the Pellet Posies around the stage. Grab one of these and throw it into a nearby Onion (Pikmin ship) to get items. Onions will land in various locations and can be attacked to make them flee. This may be a good tactic if you wish to withhold items from your enemies.

Also, this planet experiences frequent torrential downpours. When things get wet, you’ll want to stay away from the hill on the left, as it gets pretty treacherous, dragging you with its current if stood in. Bulborbs roam around the area, watch out for them or you'll get chomped up. If this happens, the Bulborb will be drag off the stage and this counts as a Self-Destruct (unless a foe forced you into his mouth). Occasionally the Bulborb will leave the area but later returns.


  • The large soda can lying in the background of the stage has the Smash Bros. symbol on it.


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