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|hometo = [[Pikmin & Olimar (SSBB)|Pikmin & Olimar]]
|hometo = [[Pikmin & Olimar (SSBB)|Pikmin & Olimar]]
|availability = [[Starter stage|Starter]]
|availability = [[Starter stage|Starter]]
|cratetype = Normal
|brawlsingles = Counter-pick/Banned
|brawlsingles = Counter-pick/Banned
|brawldoubles = Counter-pick/Banned
|brawldoubles = Counter-pick/Banned

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Distant Planet is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It is the first and currently only stage to represent the new Pikmin universe. Technically, all the fighters will be at most only a couple of inches tall when they are fighting on this stage.

Stage Description

The stage arena is comprised of a giant leaf with three smaller leaves above it. The small leaves sink when characters are standing on them; the heavier the character, the lower the leaf falls. When the player walks or jumps off, the leaves will spring back into position. To the left, there is a downward slope slanting into the lower blast line.

As you play, you’ll see numbered Pellets fall from the Pellet Posies around the stage. Grab one of these by attacking the Posie and throw it into a nearby Onion (Pikmin ship) to get items. Just as the Onions produce more Pikmin based on the number on the pellet and if the colors correspond in the games, you will get more items the higher the number on the pellet, and more still if you throw it in the Onion of the matching color (these are red, blue, and yellow). The pellets start out as 1, and the longer they are left to stand, they will change to 5, and then 10. Onions will land on the leaf-platforms, and can be attacked to make them flee. This may be a good tactic if you wish to withhold items from your enemies.

Also, this planet experiences frequent torrential downpours. When things get wet, you’ll want to stay away from the hill on the left, as it gets pretty treacherous, dragging you with its current if stood in. The edge of the hill can still be grabbed during the rain effect. A Bulborb is to the right the area; landing in its mouth will cause it to swallow you. If this happens, the Bulborb will drag you off the stage and this counts as a Self-Destruct (unless a foe tossed you into its mouth). While landing in the mouth will result in being eaten, players can grab the ledge of the Bulborb's mouth like any other ledge and walljump against the vertical part of his mouth. Sometimes the Bulborb will cry out or yawn, or stand with it's mouth gaping open. You can try to throw your opponent in its mouth, resulting in a KO. The Bulborb will wander on and off screen throughout the match. Furthermore, standing on top of the Bulborb for too long will also count as a Self-Destruct towards you as you are automatically eaten in a set amount of time.

Songs in My Music

  • Main Theme (Pikmin)
  • World Map (Pikmin 2)
  • Stage Clear / Title (Pikmin)
  • Forest of Hope
  • Ai no Uta
  • Ai no Uta (French Version)
  • Tane no Uta
  • Environmental Noises
  • Title (Big Brain Academy)

Songs in bold must be unlocked


In both Pikmin and Pikmin 2, Captain Olimar's adventures took place on a mysterious unknown world. Many things in said world suggested that it was in fact Earth. However, the identity of his location was never confirmed, so the name "Distant Planet" was given to the stage in SSBB, simply to show that it is a long way from Olimar's home planet Hocotate. Specifically, this stage is probably based off The Forest of Hope and The Awakening Wood from Pikmin and Pikmin 2, respectively

Red Bulborbs are the most common enemy in the Pikmin series. Its characteristics are to sleep until disturbed, then march around its territory looking for Pikmin to eat. These traits are shown in Brawl by the Bulborbs in the foreground and background.

In Pikmin 2, the primary objective is to search for treasures to pay off a massive debt. These treasures mostly consist of pieces of everyday litter, but are considered valuable by the Hocotatians. The soda can in the background is likely a homage to all of this. However in Pikmin, exposed pipes and tin cans were used as signals for the location of bomb rocks.


  • The large soda can lying in the background of the stage has the Smash Bros. symbol on it.
  • The blurred background and rain effects make Distant Planet fairly conducive to lag when playing online.
  • The rain that occurs is 2-D. If one pauses when its raining on the stage, and moves the camera all the way left or right (angle), then they can see the rain is paper thin; a similar effect occurs in the rain effects for Pirate Ship.
  • The Bulborb will close its mouth on a character under the effects of a Starman or a move that gives invincibility, like Super Sonic, but it won't trap the character and take them with it when it walks off the screen.[1]
  • When you stand on top of the Bulborb and it leaves, it will still eat you, and then walk away after it ate you.
  • If you pause and turn the camera all the way to the right, the Bulborb will still be there (but it is out-of-bounds).
  • A Red Bulborb and a Cloaking Burrow-nit can be seen in the background, however, the latter does not get any other mention in the game.
  • If Sonic wears a Bunny Hood on this stage, he can beat the downpour on the hill, all the way to the blast line, making him Self-destruct.
  • When recovering horizontally, CPU characters often try to land in the Bulborb's open mouth instead of jumping to the main platform, resulting in a KO.
  • When Pokémon Trainer is selected, the trainer stands on the long tree branch in the background.
  • Interestingly, despite the rainstorms that occur on this stage, it doesn't rain anywhere in Pikmin or Pikmin 2.


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