The Directional Pad (Shortened: D-Pad) refers to the grey, cross-shaped group of buttons on the left side of the GameCube, Classic, and Nintendo 64 controllers, as well as the similar group of buttons located at the top of the Wiimote. In SSB, it serves no purpose other than menu navigation. In SSBM, it also functions as menu navigation, but also has several other uses. Pressing up during a fight will make the player's character taunt. The D-pad is also used for activating Fox and Falco's secret taunts and Samus's Extended Grapple. In Camera Mode and the Trophy Gallery, the D-Pad can be used to move the camera. In SSBB, it takes the role of the control stick when played on a Wiimote, and reprises it role to taunts in any other controller.

Smash Attacks

When used with the Wii Remote and Nunchuk, the Direction Pad is often changed on the options menu to do smash attacks. This is because unlike the GameCube controller, there is no default specific button to do smash attacks with.

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